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Have you ever sat down to write and but felt almost dead inside? Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be checking out this post, and I most certainly wouldn’t have chosen to create it, if it wasn’t for the fact that a lot of writers (including me!) struggle at times with creativity.

Is creativity a matter of nature or nurture to you? Does it spontaneously arise when you least expect it to, or do you deliberately set about ‘trying’ to be creative? Are there times when you wish you could be more creative? And what does creativity mean to you anyway? Is it something that allows you to solve problems, is it something through which you express yourself physically, or is it something that keeps you feeling connected, in touch with the world around you?  We can interpret and interact with this thing we call creativity. Sometimes the approach is full of good intention and yet nothing seems to arise, and yet other times we can be in the shower, or wandering what to have for lunch and the best idea in the world suddenly pops into our mind. So why does it happen like this, and what can we do about it? And is it even possible to train the mind to become more creative?

Nurturing your creativity and boosting your intuitive awareness are essential to living a creative life. When you give yourself the right internal tools and external environment in which to flourish creatively, you will see the difference in your creative practice and the full on effect in every area of your life.

Sometimes the lack of creativity, writer’s block, and even burnout occurs because our well is dry. It’s hard to draw water from a well if the well is filled with nothing but stones and dry, cracked soil. Because of that, it’s important to intentionally nurture your writing soul. And nurturing your writing soul is what this course is all about.

This course will provide 10+ ways to nurture your creativity, so that when you sit down to write, you write from a place of abundance, instead of a place of scarcity and inner drought. It’s worth it taking this course just to take a break and feed your creativity! Then use some of the activities that Rebecca suggests on a regular basis.

Concise and practical with action steps that are easy to implement. Take this course and see what I mean. Get your 2 free months of Skillshare and start this class free on this link.


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  1. faheemjackson44

    This lack of creativity took place earlier today for me. It took me hours to write on my blog. But once I did, the topic took me only about 15-20 minutes. And what seemed like nothing turned into something.