1. It brings ideas out to the public – a lot of people have some pretty unique perspectives. Now, we all get a chance to hear those ideas and explore them.

2. You can get something off your chest – imagine if violence in the world went away because more and more people used their Blogs to express themselves (good, bad and ugly)?

3. There are multiple truths – the old saying, “there are three sides to every story” obviously came out long before Blogging. We know there are millions of truths (aren’t there?).

4. Different perspectives – probably one of the most amazing things about a Blog – all the various voices from different parts of the world, and how they all flow and groove together. Blogging breaks down cultural and geographical borders. Is there anything more fascinating than alternative opinions?

Blogging is a great journey and we want to help you with this journey.

A little bit about us:

We’re all about bringing a positive experience to life, on the daily. Whether it’s relationships, health, or just doing life, we want to lift others up to experience the best life they can live. Epically inspirational quotes, guidelines to living up to full potential, and heartfelt personal stories – these are the things that get us excited. Sound like you? Let’s get started.

What we’re looking for:

  • Keep your audience in mind. The goal is to help others in this great big world around you. Your words can help others grow, and we think that’s pretty cool that you can have an impact.
  • The ability to be proud of what you’ve written. You’ve put your best foot forward, and you think your work is pretty top notch – because top notch is what we’re looking for.
  • Speaking of top notch – technical proficiency is a huge must. Flawless grammar and spelling and clear, organized posts? Yes, please.
  • That you have a genuinely enjoyable experience in writing your work.

Why Write for BayArt?

  1. The Joy of Sharing – If you’ve had a life-changing experience or overcome an enormous obstacle, sharing your knowledge could change the lives of thousands of people who face the same problem.
  2. Exposure – For a beginning blogger, building a readership is a challenge. It’s tough when no one knows who you are. Writing for BayArt will allow you to reach thousands of new readers and gain some visibility in the blogosphere.

The only thing we require is that you’re passionate, creative, and respectful of the other writers.

How to submit (and what happens next)

We’re so happy you’ve decided to share your story with us. We want your article to be at its best, and we’ll push you to get there.

Because of this, we want you to start one of the “8 Must-Seen Creative Free Courses Will Make You Awesome Writer“, then fill out the following form to become an author on BayArt. [Please be sure your name on form matches the name you use to take these classes. We are the engaged community and want you to be part of this – not one time.  Because of this, I’ll be very pleased if you start one of these classes with your free month and also take other classes to improve yourself.]

It’s also rewarding. Thousands of people will read your work, and you’ll also learn a lot in the process—about communicating your ideas, about writing, and even about the topic you thought you already knew so well when you started.


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