Have you ever thought about the fact that you may open a business? You don`t have the courage to do it because your competition is too strong? Life it`s too short to take risks?

Let me tell you something. Nobody, not even one successful entrepreneur had any idea about the fact that his creation may become a leader in the market. They tried, some of them failed a couple of times some of them hit the jackpot with their first idea. The most important it is not to give up. Having a business is like having a baby. It may happen that you lose the baby, but that doesn`t mean that you give up. You keep trying until you have your own baby. You don`t give up because there are obstacles on your way. You find a way to overcome it.

A business is like a baby because you have to launch it in the world, grow it, educate, improve. After you grow it and give it a meaning, you will let it do what it was educated to do. You may see it becoming something beautiful that will brighten your life, or you may watch it fail. Either way, you will learn something new, you will learn from your mistakes. Life is teaching you something with every experience and every breath.

Are you afraid of the competition? Don`t be. What if your business will do better than your competition? What if you learn from the companies that already exists in the market and take something from each one of them? You see that McDonald`s it`s a leader in the Fast-Food market? So, what? There is Burger King, KFC, Subway. Do you think that they knew they will be a worldwide brand. No. They tried, they stepped up from the crowd. Again, this is like a child. A child will learn from the people around him, will be influenced by the people that surround him. You have to be a smart kid and take only what it`s worth to. It`s the same with a business, isn`t it?

What if you will start with a small ice-cream stand? If this will bring you satisfaction it means that you`re happy, it means that it serves its purpose. To give you and your clients satisfaction.

You don`t want to take a risk? That’s the biggest joke ever. You live in a constant risk. Your entire life its exposed to risks. You will never know if you`ll be alive in the next second or not. You are what you choose to be. You know that millions of people die every year because of natural disasters, car accidents or strokes. Do you think that they expected that? No. We live in an unpredictable world, the only thing you can do is to live the moment. Life it`s not worth to be wasted. You got only one.

What is your biggest dream? What stops you from fulfilling it? Find the cause and you`ll find the answer.

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