We fall in love hurt our hearts, kill our emotions and feelings fall like a brick   from the wall.

All pain sensations, no matter where they are registered, are ultimately originate in the brain.

If we separate a mammalian infant from its mother, the infant will make distress vocalization cues. Basically, it cries (these vocalizations are present in majority of mammals.)

These cries are the earliest experiences of emotional pain.

There’s actually a saying for that. It’s called choking back your tears. Or something close to that. It’s actually a line used in songs quite often.

“Broken heart is commonly described as a physical pain in the heart or chest area, which is due to the emotional stress caused by a traumatic breakup or the death of a loved one.” taken from : Broken heart – Wikipedia

“I am in so much pain that I wish I was dead. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep and I need help,” I told my dentist. One side of my face was broiling in pain.

“The problem is in your mind, nothing is wrong with you,” said my dentist, as I wept in excruciating pain. “I’m sure it’s just stress.”


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