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The lure of the dark side

If the universe was reasonable, it would allow me to “fully recover” before throwing curve balls in my direction. Unfortunately the universe isn’t reasonable. I have made progress. I really, really believe this. But I am far from recovered. And the moment the balls are curving towards me, there is an overwhelming desire to return…

Now you see me Now you Don’t

BayArt - New Perspective on Life

What is an illusion? According to Webster’s dictionary, it is “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses”. So, what is a memory? Ask this question to yourself: can a memory be the same for any two people? Can the feeling of the memory be the same…

Get over the world

We were raised with the belief that we are pretty much the bodies we are wearing an that the outside world is undeniably real, solid and unquestionable.

We believe that are always four walls surrounding us, we believe those walls to be real and without question we believe to be limited by them.

We assume our circumstance to be real, powerful, potent, existing somewhere outside of ourselves, apart from our will and that we cannot change unless they do.

Take a deep breath, relax your mind and allow transcendence of the world happen for you.

Resign and Grow

Resignation is one of those words that has suffered identity crisis. What do you think of when you hear resign? To give up? To admit defeat because of some wrong doing? It isn’t wrong to use it in that sense, but it is not the only meaning. It can also mean to step away from…