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Be free from your pain

Imagine living your life and being you but without any trace of pain, emotional pain, psychical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort, … Living you life being completely free from whatever pain means to you.
You can let it go, it was never yours to begin with, it is not yours now and you don’t need it with you anymore.
Take a deep breath and let me blow your mind 😉

Finding yourself

Well, I spend a lot of time in what I usually call my world, it’s just like I have another reality. Well it’s not “just like” I really have. But sometimes I think about the reality for another people, and about what they think, their ideas, their options… and I realize that they were quite…

The People Pleasing Habit

BayArt - New Perspective on Life

Are you a people pleaser? What is people pleasing? Is it helping others? If it was, wouldn’t that be called people helping not people pleasing? To please is to give someone happiness or satisfaction. There is no helping in that definition. To help is to give assistance or support-not to deliver an outcome. People pleasing…

Access Infinite Intelligence

Each and every single person on earth have immediate access to an infinite intelligence that transcends everything in this world and that there is available to us 24/7.
This is not a thought based neither a linear logic type of intelligence, we are talking about something far greater then all of the best human thinkers minds combined.
We are talking about Infinity