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zen thoughts of the day

BayArt - New Perspective on Life

Some people became enlightened when hearing or reading certain Zen thoughts.  Learning simplicity and mindfulness is not difficult, all it needs is an open and alert mind. You don’t have to learn any special rituals or memorize large and difficult texts. You can Begin right here and Now ! The key to Zen thoughts is attention, so clear your mind, take TinyRelax(free,Android) and learn to…

Famous Zen Sayings

BayArt - New Perspective on Life

You don’t have to be on the zen path to enjoy the wisdom and inspiration of famous zen sayings. “Most people never realize that all of us here shall one day perish. But hose who do realize that truth settle their quarrels peacefully.” “Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the…

What is The Wisdom of Frugality?

What is The Wisdom of Frugality

For well over two thousand years frugality and simple living have been recommended and praised by people with a reputation for wisdom. Philosophers, prophets, saints, poets, culture critics, and just about anyone else with a claim to the title of “sage” seem generally to agree about this. But what frugal living is all about? What is…