daily bliss_a6.2017

Things in our zeitgeist are constantly influencing us, and the songs we hear played on the radio are no different. All media, including the news of today which can be graphically violent and emotionally upsetting, is influencing us whether we’re aware of it or not. In some instances, we’ve become numb and so we have no marker or ruler by which to measure how emotionally challenged we are by all that’s entering our mindspace on a daily basis.

For some of us, this is all just an easier reason to “unplug” now. But if you’re of a different ilk, and say that you’re okay with how much negative input you’re receiving from your television, your radio, your smartphone, etc., it’s a good idea to unplug anyway, connect with yourself to slow down the pace at which your mind is running to keep up with the world around you. Sometimes, simply changing the station from an old, beloved rock song whose poetry no longer represents what you believe is love can be a lifesaver – unbeknownst to you.

This is not truth, but a suggestion for your health and well-being. Be well. Be blissful.

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