My world turned upside down,

This is meant to describe a privacy,

Yet how do I hide pain,

An open wound,

Filters beyond the expression of a day.

I am a good man,

I believe that to be true,

I am willing to understand

Yet so opposed,

I’d rather be of all demand.

Though the observer,

You, the reader, the scrutinizer,

The one that walks away,

Can watch the bedlam,

Still always able to get away.

For the speaker,

The truth is only allowed,

A reaction,

Oft frowned upon,

Gives no solace to my ground

I need to know she can smile,

I need to realize her wise

Interactions are driven

By a positive beauty,

I need her to know love.

I’ll walk alone today,

Suffer the fear of this


For today I’m still holding on,

To her elegance is time and love.


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