I am not even sure what I am going to say.

I just feel that I need to write a poem today.

So I guess I will just let my fingers type.

Hopefully as I do, my words will begin to ripe.

I have been feeling down on myself a little bit.

Thinking I could have done something to change it.

Why do I ever think this way?

Why is there a part of me believing it would have been better if he was here to stay?

God is in control, this I know.

So how come when I think of this situation I begin to sink low?

I guess it’s because my heart was tore in two.

Thinking I knew what was right, but I gave my heart to the wrong one. It was You!

God, You are the One who deserves my heart.

Why was I giving guys control of the dart?

I am hear to repent.

You are the One that won me over, Your life You spent.

Oh, Father forgive me.

I am not worthy of the love You give so freely.





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