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13 Methods of …

7 Principles of…

15 Reasons to…

10 Concepts that…

Did you ever get the feeling all these articles, helpful though many of them may be, are just another way of trying to understand the world we live in…?

What does it mean when we are trying our best to find our way and all the road maps we have are these listicals? Why is it when trying to find our way, we get caught up in the constant advice of the masses? I don’t know what it means when all of these voices keep talking inside me and yet, some of them seem to be blathering of things that may make sense on one level, but also fall short of the mark. What we are really seeking is some kind of hope.

It is hope and only hope that may save us…

What does hope mean? Are we each trying to find our own version of hope? And when we find a version that might be working for us at the moment, do we make the mistake of trying to impose our version on everyone else? Or are we just trying to share and understand? Thinking that our sharing can justify our journey and maybe help another along the way?

Hope, such a beautiful, short little word. It doesn’t seem possible that such a small word can carry so much weight. Hope, the difference between living and giving up. Hope, the very definition of life.

Here is my listical of hope…

  1. I hope those I come into contact with find my demeanor caring and kind.
  2. I hope my work finds an audience, both for myself and them.
  3. I hope to be someone’s favorite in a caring relationship one day.
  4. I hope my children find their path and a road of contentment and strength.
  5. I hope this country and the world can find more and more ways of being kind and caring to each other and our mother Earth.
  6. I hope I have strength to make it through dark times.
  7. I hope I have open eyes to see the good in the moment and in those around me.
  8. I hope for discomfort at the right time and comfort otherwise.
  9. I hope for learning and understanding, knowledge and retention.
  10. I hope for a few good friends by my side at any one time.
  11. I hope for each to find what they most desire and what gives them the most strength and satisfaction.
  12. I hope for real connection.
  13. I hope for a clear conscience.
  14. I hope to continue adding to this list.

If you have hopes to add to my list… please share below. I truly believe each stated hope helps bring it and more goodness into the world every day…


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      1. anie

        this would be really a heart’s desire. Life could be so much easier if it would be possible to feel exactle what other people feel. Well I´m sure, that some people can feel what some other people feel, but they often do not want to believe their feelings. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams!