Created for a purpose, designed for his glory is simply HUMAN. 

Just after our birth comes expectations and continued hope of the very best person we can be. Our life is thought for us and our steps are guided by our loved ones based on  their own understanding. 

And most times no one ask what exactly do we want or even wait to see how we want to do things differently according to our own desires. 

It is ideal to be a lawyer, an Engineer, a doctor among others, but in chasing this “popular” standard we sometimes wonder if this is right for us, we simply can’t explain why the hunger for something else that we are passionate about. 

IS OKAY IF YOU STILL DON’T KNOW what you want, how you want it and where your needs will be met. 

Is okay, if there is  a hunger for a higher purpose that is uncommon, is only natural that we seek out our curiosity and be happy in our chosen path and not the one that others choose for us. 


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