Yes i said it , and i am not afraid to say it again…

I starve for love of anykind ..

But don’t pity on me … my eyes won’t accept that .

For my world has been ruined endless times…

in due course of relying on others … i messed with myself .. pretty often.

And at night, when i don’t find anyone else beside me. .

I utterly feel sorry for myself … getting down and doing all the things for others ..

How less i cared for my heart ..

i am sorry for my heart , for it was never loved ..

Am fooling myself every single day . And i know that..

But then .. every morning after a silent night .. i smile.

Wide open my heart and embrace the world with my love ..

I am lover in disguise …

in the pursue of making someone fell for me ,..

Luckily , someone did fell for me ..

It was only ‘ME’ .. I have discovered myself .. my flaws , my strengths

I fell in love with myself day after day ..

So, even if turns around .. i still have me. 


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