So my little angel, darling, sunshine, youngest baby boy is turning into a full blown killer! And he is breaking my heart. Evil little bugger.

Last weekend he killed an entire family of birds, sniff sniff. On Friday he brought an adult bird into the house and proceeded to chew out the guts on the lounge carpet. SIDE NOTE:  Lounge carpet has since been thrown away as it was full of blood and I’m moving house soon and sooo don’t feel like cleaning that up. Then on Saturday he brought in 2 dead baby birds, ahhhwww and while I was taking a photo of the dead birds he ran up the stairs with a 3rd live one in his mouth. Pooor birdy.

I ran up the stairs after him trying to chase him out of the house cos wow the feathers make a huge mess, but he growled at me and hissed and spat, so I tried to shoo him and the bird into a washing basket to take them outside to finish their fight (that the bird was obviously losing poor thing) and I succeeded in doing that… aaaaand then I had to vacuum up all the feathers. Clean the crime scene.

Its not the only dead things my cats have brought me, this was just Timone last weekend.

Yesterday Sprinkles brought me a dead grass hopper and today Bruce Wayne brought in a dead lizard. They casually stride into the lounge and dump their dead prize down in front of them, as a present to me almost, as if to say, “there, look woman, look what I killed for you, you are welcome!” Ha ha

What is going on with my cats though, I feed them enough and they are spoilt as heck with toys and cat castles, haha yeah I know overboard. So why the hell are they bringing me gifts almost daily all of a sudden? Could it be because they sense we are moving house and don’t want to, so they think if they bring me enough gifts I’ll change my mind? Orrrr it just dawned on me, they have been bringing me all these gifts since Ex husband person left… Maybe they are bringing them to cheer me up? Could it be?

Look how spoilt they are!

wp_ss_20170909_0002 (2)wp_ss_20170909_0003 (2)

A few weeks ago Sprinkles caught a pigeon and was playing with it in the garden, and by that I mean she had half killed it, injured it and the poor thing was squealing and making a noise trying to flap out of dangers way and Sprinkles was sitting there watching it die. When the bird was still for a bit she would poke it with her paw as if to say, carry on with the show! Evil cat!

I knew the bird wouldn’t survive so to put it out of its misery I took a spade and chopped its head off, most humane way to do it? Quickly? And then I looked at Sprinkles now laying on her back all playful and told her Id never forgive her for what she made me do. Cry in corner… haha

She promptly went to sleep on the couch afterwards like nothing at all had happened!

Just look at this beautiful killer!

wp_ss_20170909_0005 - Copy.png



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