I have heard an array of absurd misconceptions surrounding mental health. Being sensitive call me suffering it myself, It appears people have a general idea and are ill-informed causing stigma, discrimination and labelling. During my time I’ve heard that people with mental health can’t work.

  • This is not the cause, yes it is hard for people to work with mental health, however it isn’t impossible. 1 in 5 people suffer mental illness at one point in there lives, so it may well be you are working with someone who has it. 

People with mental illness are violent. 

  • People with mental illness are no more dangerous than the rest of the population. Having mental illness are 10 times more vulnerable to being victims of crime than those who don’t. 

A character flaw is mental illness

  • Mental illness like diabetics and arithrus are more prone to be biological and run in families however the environment can affect there predispose to suffering. Thus having nothing to do with a flaw in personality or character. 

People with mental illness never recover. 

  • This statement is flawed, as recovery to mental health individuals mean different things. On the one hand it can be a life long bumpy road, whilst others are able to manage it affevtively. Moreover, bipolar disorder is episodic meaning polar opposites of highs and lows the individual suffers with a period or break in between. 

People with mental illness rely on medication

  • This is not fully the case. People can live productive life’s without medication and rather a support system is better for those people. Further, medication may not work, or only be used short term basis such as depression. But yes some people require medication. 

Raising awareness is the only answer to eradicating stigma and discrimination and thus labelling people. Yes mental health previously, was taboo a lot of work has been done to bring it to the spotlight such as Stephen Fry and Ruby Wax, to name but a few. 
Stigma is driven by fear and a lack of knowledge, if more education even within schools and work forces maybe more awareness would be raised. Hitherto, the brain does not get the same sympathy as does the physical body which in height sight is sad but also both are connected. 


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