I can’t describe the peace I feel at the moment, but I’ll sure try.

Saying a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders sounds so cliche but its true, I feel lighter, I can breathe, the tension is gone, the anxiety is gone, I feel like I am swimming through the air. I can smell again, I can see again, the cloud has lifted.

It’s funny how letting go of something toxic can do that to you. Now I’m not saying that soon to be Ex Husband person was toxic, I’m saying that what we had had turned toxic and none of us was aware of it, Until we let go.

To Ex husband person, I will always have a special place in my heart for you. You are the father of the greatest joys I have in my life, our children people. And for that I will always Love you.

But lets be free now, lets fly!


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  1. jaysquires

    What a beautifully epic and thoroughly ironic mixed metaphor in the title that set me up for what I expected as a long post. I was just settling in when it ended. But nothing was lost. Short and sweet, a kind of requiem for a marriage–not a failed marriage, since it produced children you adore–but a finished one. It appeared to go full-circle, and end with self-disclosure that gave you wings. And without bitterness, your maturity wished him the freedom to fly as well.

    Beautifully done, Strawberrycat.

    1. The Strawberry Cat

      Hi Jay, Im so sorry to disappoint you with a short post. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I like to describe things how I feel them, or how emotions would feel if they were physical feelings. Like when the anxiety goes away and you walk you feel as though you are light, floating, swimming through the air. Take a look at my blog if you would like to, I write about my daily thoughts, nuances, ideas, my children and anything really. Have a great Friday 🙂