Part 5 | Reset My Life … Self Awareness


Most of us instantly get annoyed when we are following the directions from a GPS and with a nasty tone a computer’s voice says “Recalculating.” Especially when we are short on time or felt like the entire trip was going smoothly until that point. As you slow down and turn your music low to figure out what went wrong and how to correct it, confusion spreads throughout the car.  Everyone is looking at you for answers. Sound familiar?

After a recent road trip, I noticed that although getting rerouted by the GPS a few times is frustrating – we learn something new each time. We either see something new, have a different reaction (instead of blaming the children for distracting you, you blame your spouse for playing the music too loud)  or just continue the way were going and let the GPS figure out how to get us home from there.

Similar to changing directions on a road trip, life changes presents the rare opportunity to get to know yourself more. Becoming more self aware is a supreme strength that when embraced can support you in a wide range of events. Once you figure out how you respond to changes in environment, culture, or even life routines there is an empowered power that you bring to the next stage of your journey.

Here’s a few ideas to consider embracing when changes arise:

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

Creating a new normal that works for you helps zero in on what kind of person you are. What kind of standards do you have? What are the flexible things in your life that’s a nice to have but you can live without? These are the kind of things that may present themselves when taking on the challenge of embracing the discomfort of adjusting to change.

Learn from mistakes and failures

Mistakes are diamonds full of knowledge. Nothing much can be learned if every step taken is always correct. Failing at something you thought was right at the time and learning a better way or approach is invaluable.

Doing your best 

Perfection and dealing with change is a difficult mix. Change requires you to be flexible and constantly adjust the definition of correct. However the payoff from putting your best effort towards the overall goal will remain consistent.  If doing your best is in the forefront of all your actions during this change – you will show up at the other end of change a better you with more clarity and understanding behind your decisions.

As we position ourselves for the rest of the year, what does resetting your life mean to you? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

To support your reset journey – here is a free printable Reset My Life Log

Keep track of your progress throughout the year and reflect on accomplishments as your life transforms into your vision.

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