Hey there, wonderful world of BayArt, it’s Queertastic here for another Thurday piece of art! This poem is a statement of romanticism, by Varun over at http://myartandme.com/ . Do you want to get your poetry featured? learn more here. For now, enjoy the poetry and I’ll be back next Thursday with another poem of the week <3 ~ Love, Queertastic

“A Force of Nature” ; Varun

Force of nature; that’s what she was,

Always, and that’s what she’ll be forever.

He tried to keep up, no matter how much,

But couldn’t close the gap, whatsoever.

As independent as the sun, she shone,

By her radiance, he was smitten.

Not long before he was burnt, repeating

The same mistake as Icarus had done.

Unfathomable and unpredictable like the sea,

Her emotional waves pulled and pushed him,

In an effort to reach the depths of her heart,

Drown, he did, despite being able to swim.

Unshakable and unbreachable, her courage

And determination, like never seen before.

Crushed beneath the mountain of her chaos,

The way she carried her burdens, he did adore.

Smiling, then crying and then laughing again,

She changed like the phases of the moon.

Sometimes she was a true genius, to the core,

Other times, simply an unimaginable buffoon.

Ventured into her territory, without any caution,

Only to be swallowed by her magnanimous personality.

Indeed she was, a force of nature,

In her, he lost his individuality.



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