often in life , you got to stand up against your will, your self respect and sometimes even your purpose ..


A very famous lines from one of my favourite poems. . These line were a absolute love for me back then in school and today its more of a learning… and today as i write of it. . I totally feel the poet.

The river,.. if i may say i am the river .. and i am not attaching myself to the greatness the river possess .. i am more of its flow that makes it flow forever until i meet my sea…

What would the river do if someone throws stone at her, what would she do without a purpose in life ..ofcourse she would not change the course ..she will move in a better way..

And i would do the same, my purpose has been robbed from me endless times and i smilingly gave it to them.. coz i can’t stop at one point. I can’t hate someone for the deeds they aspire of doing…

My inner peace is much greater than the hatred, the pain the world carry ..i am in search of my sea .. i will in there some day, … for some may remember, some may not. But. how can i defy myself if i would not be true to my ownself.

i believe … everyone here is on a mission .. some may know, some are still wandering, some already are there .. but for that purpose .. don’t loose yourself in the crowd.. …

this world today Neither ned a warlord, a great dictator, nor even a great leader . They need peacemongers. .

try to bring out ‘that’ in this world… and don’t take out someone else’s purpose .. for they might stop dreaming. And we need dreamers indeed 


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