Himalayan pink salt

Years ago I heard of an acquaintance who had cut out so much salt from their diet it caused the heart to arrest.  Seriously! Fortunately there was a person there who knew how to resuscitate so it all ended well.

Salt is made up of sodium and choride, both elements being essential for our body to function.

“The human body needs sodium and chloride for respiration and digestion and without it, we – would be unable to transport nutrients or oxygen, transmit nerve impulses or move muscles, including the heart.” Salt is not the ogre it has been made out to be. Medical research is challenging long held (possibly erroneous) assumptions about the value of salt in our diets.

Salt has a long and exalted place in our history, right back to probablyu more than 8,000 years ago. It was a highly prized item in religious ceremonies, trade, politics, finances.
Here’s some interesting facts about its uses in various cultures:

  • Judaism . . . salt . . . keeps the agreement between God and his people  . . .
  • In both Islam and Judaism, salt seals a bargain. . . .
  • Indian troops pledged their loyalty to the British with salt…
  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans included salt in sacrifices and offerings . . . .
  • In traditional Japanese theater, salt was sprinkled on the stage to protect the actors from evil spirits.
  • In Haiti, the only way to . . . bring a zombie back to life is with salt . . . .
  • In Finland when visiting a new home for the first time it is traditional to take a gift of salt and bread so they may never go hungry
  • salt has played a pivotal role in the political economy of the world in a thousand different ways from starting wars to freeing people from colonial rule.

Today I want to focus on Himalayan Pink Salt in particular.

A therapeutic salt brine made from pink Himalayan Crystal Salt which some refer to as ‘liquid sunlight’. The salt is uncontaminated by modern pollutants. It is very easy to make at home.

Use pure Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Choose a reasonable sized bottle. I use a 500ml glass one. Place half a cup of salt in the bottle, fill with water, and shake. Leave for half an hour or so. If all the salt has dissolved simply add more until you are left with some residue in the bottom. You now have a saturated brine solution.  I use it for cooking as well as an early morning cleanse.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is known to contain 84 minerals and trace elements. It balances the body’s pH factor.

Made into a therapeutic brine, the liquid energy offers natural elements that are identical to those in your body. Approximately 70% of  weight is body fluid and contains almost the same ratio of elements as seawater.

It is recommended that the brine solution is taken every morning on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. 2 ml  in a glass of water will stimulate your intestines and stomach helping to keep your digestion healthy.

You may experience a cleansing (detox) effect for a day or two.  Common symptoms can include headache, nausea, diarrhoea. If this occurs simply reduce the amount  until your body adjusts. Make sure to drink plenty of good quality water. To keep the solution going simply add more good quality filtered water and salt crystals to the bottle. If a small amount of crystal salt or sediment remains undissolved this simply means the  solution is fully saturated.

(c) Raili Tanska of Soul Gifts