Series about my dad, who was an alcoholic, but I loved very much, continued…

There was one incident where we got a frantic call at around 3pm in the afternoon on a Saturday, it’s my dad. “I’m lost, can you come and fetch me”, err “Ok sure dad, where are you?”. “I don’t know, but I see a KFC”. Ends call.

Err so we call him back to ask him whaaaat the heck? And which KFC and how and why? And all those things you want to ask when you get a call like this. And… no answer, voicemail.

So my mom calls myself, my brothers and my fiance and tells us my dads drunk again and lost and we have to go and look for him. Apparently he can see a KFC.

Hmmm not much to go on but ok. Who does this happen to I mean seriously. Anyways. So we all jump into our cars, we were all grown up at this stage in our 20s, so we all go in different directions looking for this fool. Ill take Blouberg KFC, you take Table View, you take Milnerton ect… we all went to different ones.

A little while later after not finding him I get a call from my brother, “I’ve found him, we are on our way home, he was in Brooklyn”. How ridiculous does this seem.
Apparently, my brother searched one KFC and couldn’t find him so he drove further, totally out of the area we live in, and he drove past the next KFC a few times and didn’t see him. He then noticed a van parked on the side of the road, hood up in the air with someone underneath it. After getting out of his car to further inspect, he finds our dad, Faaaaast asleep and snoring under the hood of his van!! Asleep on the ground. As if he went under to see what the issue was, why his van broke down and then promptly went to sleep.

Well… turns out there was nothing wrong with his van. It was driving fine, he just didn’t want a traffic cop to stop him so he thought he would make it look like he had broken down, call his family and give them a cryptic clue and then fall asleep.

I mean wow, who does this, is my life a movie? Haha.

But seriously, I miss you dad. Glorious flaws and all.


  1. strawberrycat Post author

    Thank you. My dad passed away and I’m enjoying reminiscing on all these things that happened. Thank you for reading. Have a great day further.

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