On Friday I spent the day doing enrolment for the college I worked at and tying up loose ends. It was coming up to 4, I popped out to have a walk and break and I came back in. I saw that people were hanging around the office, not particularly unsual, I walked over to my computer and one of my workmates went and knocked on the managers door and he came and sat opposite me, I acknowledged that but didn’t turn around. But then my friend said my name and nodded behind me. I turned around and everyone was in the office smiling at me. I felt really overcome, as my manager gave his speech about me. I appreciated his kind words, I did some “fantastic work” I was “very good at my job” and “I was going onto bigger and better things”.

I got onto my speech, I felt hot as every one watched and listened to me. I called my time there interesting, challenging and I wanted to get across that I got a lot out of it. This is all true. I found faith in myself once more, doing well in a job where others hadn’t been able to learn and adapt to it like I had. Getting to grips with the job whilst going through a period of depression and extreme anxiety (triggered by a tough personal situation) and being asked to be a permanent member of staff. Some people close to me look at me and think I can’t cope, I’m weak and incapable because of my life choices. But really, if you were going through mental turmoil which got to you so much you felt physically unwell, would you get up every day and pretend you were fine in front of most of your family? Would you manage to land and keep a job which others couldn’t pick up? Do you think that is the mark of an incapable or weak minded person?

If you’ve weighed up your actions with the evidence you have and you are doing what feels right, even if it seems irrational to others, choose your own path. Take their judgement and understand that there are different reasons that people will have their opinions. Don’t live for the approval of others, hold your head high and your goals higher.


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