It has been a while since I’ve given thoughts of writing publicly. I guess you can say I’ve been consumed by the hustle and bustle life ends up throwing at me and at the end, I end up with the lack of motivation to let my mind flow through writing.

I have though, been thinking lately alot about the purpose of living. I have asked myself, “what is the purpose for living, what is MY purpose”? I have come to terms with knowing life has been taken over by materialistic values and that does not limit to physical “things” nor does it limit to relationships, maintaining relationships, having a label on anything and everything.

I know us “beings” need some form of..connection, bonding. That can be interpreted in whatever way that applies to you but have you asked yourself what your true purpose is in this life time of yours – what is it that you’re meant to be or do? Have you thought about your soul and has it ever nagged at you in any sort of way, making you question about your existence?

It has with me and I have questioned myself. I have looked at my life and asked myself, or you can say; my soul, what is MY purpose. I know when we die, when our soul leaves the shell/body being borrowed, it will go on a new different journey, perhaps another life to live, another lesson to learn or it could be the same lesson I didn’t get to learn and need to relearn, I look at what I have, I notice the little things and ask myself “is this that important”?

Don’t get me wrong, I know I am still human, I will still have emotions, needs, fulfillments I need to have and or complete but now I feel like there is also more, more information that I am meant to learn or know. That there is more to life and more for my purpose.

I spoke to my friend about this and funny thing is, we’ve only known each other for 3 months but she tells me that i have changed alot from the past years, that I look different (she knows this based on pictures ive shown her), that theres a spark in my eyes now. I know I’m in the transitioning part in my life and once I get to where I need to be, I will know.

So life, has to still be lived but it is all within the right timing for us to actually be awake, to be fully aware of who we really are. Everything that we have now is all temporary but we tend to forget that because we are so consumed in what we had only learned growing up, feeling we need to abide by criteria to be “successful” in life, but is that really it? Is that really living?

It is all my opinion but opinion or not, it is my belief. I believe most people are still asleep and I have come to terms with myself that I have changed and have found myself on a different level as most, which, in my opinion, is okay. I am ready to see the truth, the unknown and knowing my soul is guiding me to something much different… something higher.


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