It’s a Wednesday.

And I’m crushing on her.

So thick and petite at the same time,

oh how her essence is so divine.

In wake and in bake,

her beauty is such a magnificent taste.

How I crave, I crave.

Her playful mind puts my heart in a rage.

Let not that pretty face fool you,

her smarts will school you.

It’s Woman Crush Wednesday

But, she’s my Woman Crush Everyday!


And at that moment I wake from my slumber; it was just a dream…maybe.



Photo Credit: Dc Lovensky


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  1. marvel

    the poem is great and has a lot of power. I can not really make out whether there is anger, admiration, rage or despair that speaks there?

    1. Nyasha Bosman Post author

      I like the way you think! That’s the whole point of a dream; your experience mixed emotions and feelings. Pleasure, admiration while having one then anger and despair when you wake up…