Inspire. Encourage. Learn. Educate.

I want you to live a good life.

But most importantly, I want you to live a meaningful life.

That’s my main goal with BayArt.

Many disabilities and diseases create daily battles that are fought by many people all over the world. Social media platforms have created the ability to connect with others in a whole new way, however, while there has been continuous progression of communication, social platform is currently missing the ability for these true heroes and models of inspiration who are dealing with a daily battle to stand out and show their journey to the world…


Motivate and encourage others on their journey. There are good and bad days for everyone, but the words of one person can make any bad day into a good one. If we all help and encourage each other through our struggles, we can achieve anything. Create these positive connections with others to help them, as well as help you. To learn, educate, encourage, and inspire others to continue to work hard and make any dream come true!

Inspire those that are following your journey and show them that anything is possible. Be the one to stay positive and show them that the greatest success is doing things that people tell you that you cannot do.

I still use quotes everyday to motivate myself, learn and find inspiration. And I hope quotes will do the same to you.

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