10 Wonderful Instagram Classes to Improve Your Social Media Skill

I’ve taken over 100 classes on Skillshare, and I must say, I’m obsessed. I love the idea of being able to learn something new in a weekend, or even in an hour! If you’re curious about which classes I took and you also should take, scroll down and see what my favorite Skillshare classes are for bloggers or other creatives.

By the way, Skillshare is a community of learners. It is also a community of wonderful teachers who can show you how to create monsters from ink blots or shoot photos from a helicopter.

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Learn Lifestyle Photography for Inspirational Storytelling by Marte Marie Forsberg, Food and Lifestyle Photographer

Join photographer Marte Marie Forsberg to learn her inspired approach to lifestyle photography! Whether you’re photographing for a blog or Instagram, or simply want to capture a beautiful meal, you’ll learn how to capture stunning stories in a styled yet natural way.

This 20-minute online class is all about capturing a story, giving you tools and tactics to capture everyday moments with artistry. Taking place at her thatched English cottage, lessons touch on inspiration, styling, shooting, and editing — so that you can successfully capture a setting, its food, and the life surrounding it.

Beautifully shot, full of inspiration, and brimming with insights, this class is perfect for beginning and pro photographers alike. It’s a welcome reminder of small moments that are truly perfect.

Mobile Photography Basics for Instagram Success by Tyson Wheatley, Photographer, Journalist, Dad

oin celebrated Instagram photographer Tyson Wheatley to learn the ins and outs of smartphone photography so that you can authentically build your photos, followers, and brand on Instagram!

In this 30-minute class, Tyson explores DUMBO, Brooklyn, capturing photos of people, landscapes, and street scenes. He shares tactics for capturing unique photos, tricks for editing in essential apps, and ways to reflect your personality while establishing an Instagram aesthetic.

By the end of the class, you’ll have the necessary tools and skills to create great photographs, perfect for sharing with the vast Instagram community.

Portraits and Places: Photographing People in Their Spaces by Benjamin Heath, Photographer

Photographer Benjamin Heath is passionate about portraiture and storytelling. As a result, he often combines the two in his work, creating compelling narratives and visuals of people he comes across in his life. In this class, Benjamin will provide instruction for creating a photographic narrative of someone. Each photo will require different considerations when it comes to composition and lighting, and the variety of class challenges will build your photography skillset from any level—novice, intermediate, and pro alike.

Creative Self Portrait Photography: Going Beyond the Selfie by Lindsay Crandall, word lover • light chaser • daydreamer

Join photographer Lindsay Crandall as she shows you how she approaches creative self portraits and beautiful, ordinary moments. In this twenty minute class, you will learn how to create a story through your photography, the importance of light and shadows, and how to shoot self portraits with your smartphone. With inspiration and insight, Lindsay gives you a peek into how she works and why she believes we should all be capturing the beauty that lies within each of us.

Lifestyle Photography: Everyday Storytelling in Photo & Print by Dan Rubin, Designer + Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

Have a million photos on your phone, and wondering what’s next? Join photographer and designer Dan Rubin as he shows how to transform everyday photos from an NYC afternoon into stories to share both in print and online.

Over the course of 25 minutes, Dan shares insightful ways to visually capture an experience or place

Mobile Photography: Capturing Friends and New Perspectives by Brenton Clarke Little, Photographer/Designer

Photographer Brenton Clarke Little is known for capturing nature and portraits with mystery, symmetry, and a soft glow. In this short 15-minute class, travel with Brenton around his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas as he shares how to make the most of any sky and situation. Follow along as he uses fog and smoke to trap light, illuminates a subject against a sunset, and shares his favorite post-production edits. By the end, you’ll have tactics and inspiration for capturing an incredible image anytime you’re on an adventure with a friend.

Instagram Next Level Amazing: Inspiration, Tools and Tricks by Tyson Wheatley, Photographer, Journalist, Dad

Join photographer and professional Instagrammer Tyson Wheatley for a 30-minute journey into capturing unique images of places, people and patterns, and putting your own spin on a photo.

Lifestyle Photography: Visual Storytelling by Marte Marie Forsberg, Food and Lifestyle Photographer

Join Norwegian photographer Marte Marie Forsberg for a short introduction class on telling a visual story, and planning a small shoot.

You’ll travel with Marte Marie to her English countryside cottage, pick up a few items at the market, and make your way to a friend’s garden allotment to photograph the story of a rustic, everyday feast.

Throughout the lessons, Marte Marie touches on planning a shoot, styling, and photographing — with special consideration to telling a visual story, with emphasis on color, overview images, detail images, and curating a group of images together.

Top 5 Instagram Tactics to get More Followers and How Top Brands are Using Them by Sorin Constantin, Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

n this class you will learn 5 top tactics that will help you to get more followers and you will also see how Top Brands that are using Instagram apply them so you can learn how to apply them for your own business.

Instagram: How to Create Irresistible and Viral Posts that People Love! by Diego Davila

In this Class, you will learn the best strategies to make your Instagram Posts Viral!

Companies and Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs are using these strategies every day while posting on Instagram, and today you have access to the same tools to make sure your Instagram reach more people and grow every day.

People will love to share your content, photos and posts.

Let’s start growing your Instagram right now!

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