13 signs your alpha personality is intimidating others

You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by the cover”, but when it comes to sizing people up, first impressions are can be hard to overcome.

For people with strong personality types, like those who have been branded “alphas”, it can be difficult for people to get close to them. Not because they are hard to get close to, but because of the way they come off when you first meet them.

Often thought to be overbearing and aggressive, alpha personalities have a lot more going on beneath the surface that we realize.

What’s more, many alphas don’t realize their personalities are actually making others feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

You Always Say What’s on Your Mind

While people say they want to hear the truth, it can be hard to hear when someone is actually giving it to you. Alphas are known for their “straight to the point” personality, and sometimes their bark is worse than their bite.

You talk straightforward and to the point.

The Alpha personality usually knows exactly what he/she wants and needs from other people. Thus, you will say everything without any confusing hidden messages on it. A “Yes” means “Yes” and vice versa. If you’re in doubt or confused, you will let people know by asking them some questions and opinions before you make the final decisions. You barely lie to other people because that’s just not your core value.

You Are Wise Beyond Your Years

While alpha personality types are often very outgoing and extroverted, they also do a great deal of introspective reflecting and know themselves well.

This can make others uncomfortable when they realize you know your stuff, and can figure things out faster, better, and in a more efficient way than other personality types.

You believe in people’s actions rather than words.

Because you don’t buy people’s bullshit. You don’t overanalyze people’s texts and their words, simply because it’s just a waste of time. You believe in people’s behaviors, gestures, and in actual face-to-face interactions. You don’t do textpectations either; you will reply to people’s texts as soon as possible and it only means that you respect them, not because you have a particular interest towards them.

You See Solutions Where Others See Only Problems

While everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads cut off worrying about the world’s end, you are over there getting things done.

You can see a problem from a 30,000 foot level and know the path to success within minutes.

You talk the talk and walk the walk.

Your words will always be consistent with your behavior, because you can’t and don’t want to fake your attitudes in front of people. You’re brave enough to speak up or show your dislike or disagreement for something and you always have reasons behind how you act. You also don’t mind being sarcastic because it’s your own way to show that you’re just being honest.

You enjoy being on your own.

You don’t mind doing everything by yourself and you barely feel lonely, simply because you’re used to being independent. You barely ask people for help, but you love partnering with people who understand your values and ideas. It doesn’t bother you to go alone to places you really want to see, because you know exactly that you can do things with or without other people.

Your Tolerance for Ignorance is Non-existent

Because you say what you think and mean what you say, you expect people to do the same. This means that people who are ignorant don’t stand a chance with you. Even if they are being ignorant without purpose.

You’ll call them on their crap and expect them to change their ways if they want to enjoy the pleasure of your company.

You have no tolerance for willful ignorance.

Because of how open minded you are, you do not entertain judgemental people. You will walk away from them or lose your patience with them, you might even give them a piece of your mind.

You Love New Things

Alpha personality types have a strong desire to try new things. Their confidence enables them to try and fail repeatedly without being knocked down.

This also means that they are more likely to be single, adventure alone, travel the world by the selves, and enjoy taking risks. This can be a lot for people to process and can result in people keeping their distance from alphas.

You are always open to new ideas and adventures.

You are always perceptive to new ideas and always willing to try the next new thing. You are able to achieve success in ways that most people wouldn’t even consider. Sometimes they even put you down because your open mind puts them out of their comfort zone.

You Cut to the Chase

Alphas exert a lot of energy on moving their lives forward, which means that they don’t have time for small talk. They know what is important to them and they don’t waste time doing things that aren’t on that list. So if you find yourself face to face with an alpha personality, don’t take offense to their standoffish ways. That’s just who they are.

Small talk just doesn’t work for you.

Small talk is annoying to you. People try to take your time and energy discussing mundane things but you will have none of it. Conversations must have purpose and meaning for you to find them engaging, interesting, and even just worthwhile.

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