18 Things Mentally Strong People Regularly Do

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

Albert Einstein

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have an easier time than others? Or, realized that some people have a certain knack for attracting the right situations into their lives? It has to be magic how a certain friend seems to always be well-adjusted and life just seems to be easy? Is there some secret? Is there a special club or something?

Well, yes and no. Anyone of us can be successful. It does require effort and a certain set of skills. OK, so it’s not all that special of a set of skills. In fact, most of them are simple, if you’re mindful and determined in your life. So, here’s a list of behaviors that mentally strong people do regularly.

18 Things to do Today For a Better Life Tomorrow

  1. Move on: People who are mentally strong don’t sit around lamenting about the past, nor do they waste time with what if’s or if only’s. They dust themselves off and move on. If you need some inspiration, best letting go quotes will guide you through this difficult time to discover the new opportunities that come with changes.
  2. Control Their Life: They won’t give away their power. Mentally Strong people actively monitor their lives and emotions and are capable of ensuring that they respond accordingly in a way that keeps them in charge of their actions.
  3. Embrace Change: It’s the only constant in life, change. If you resist it you get left behind, but if you embrace the fact that everything changes, then you’re ready to act when opportunity knocks.
  4. Stay Happy: Complainers are boring. Honestly, worry will not take away your troubles tomorrow. They only take away your happiness today. So cheer up and life gets better. When you need, famous good vibes quotes will keep you positive everyday.
  5. Be Kind, Be Fair, Be True: All good advice. Kindness is not weakness. Fair-play makes it interesting but never be afraid to speak up. Stop worrying about people pleasing. It’s ok to say no, especially if you’re being taken advantage of.
  6. Take Calculated  Risks: Always weigh the risk vs. reward of anything you do. A mindful approach is a smart one.
  7. Be Present: The only thing you can do anything about is right here, right now. Mindful presence ensures that we are ready when the good stuff happens. Don’t dwell in the past, or stress the future.
  8. Own Your Mistakes: It’s important to take blame for our faults. However, Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over.  C’mon be smart here!
  9. Success is Best Shared: Celebrate the successes of other people. Resentment of others is a waste of time and energy and it’s bad karma.
  10. F.A.I.L.: To fail  is simply our First Attempt In Learning. Don’t be afraid of it. If Franklin had let a failure stop him, or Einstein had given up? What would our world be like today?
  11. Solitary Man: Neil Diamond sang, “I’ll be who I am, a solitary man.” OK, so the songs about a breakup, but he accepted it, embraced it,and you should too.  It’s ok to be alone. We should strive to be our own best friend and voila! Goodbye, loneliness.
  12. There’s No Such Thing as Deserve: Work hard, play harder. Truly successful people do not wait for handouts, they roll up their sleeves and work their asses off. You are not entitled to anything and sorry princess, deserve is a useless, made up word.
  13. Instant Gratification=Instantly Old: If you want something worth it, I can almost guarantee you’ll have to work for it. Instant gratification pretty much just leads to another round on the Hedonic Treadmill.
  14. Life is Adjustable: Life is not a straight shot. It takes adjustments and modifications to your core beliefs to remain relevant. Don’t be afraid to switch up your game.
  15. Be Resourceful: Use your mental energy wisely. More finesse and less force and get things done without the headaches and noise.
  16. Positive Thoughts: Ahhh, positivity-It’s not just for hippies, ya know? Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and being mindful creates a richer, fuller life and ultimately allows the Universe to bring forth the abundance we wish for. Plus, it makes life more tolerable.
  17.  Get Uncomfortable: Nothing amazing happens inside your comfort zone. So, get up and out of it. Do something every day that scares the crap out of you. Your soul will thank you.
  18. Reflection & Inspection: Look at your life and your goals every day, how are you progressing? Have you attained what you want? Can you go further? Do you want to go further? is it time to try a different approach or should we stay the course? React accordingly.

There are a lot of things we can do to be more successful in life and one of them is not Sabotaging our success. It’s not rocket science, honestly. If you can do the things on this list not only will you find life throws more bones your way but you will enjoy it more as well!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out beautiful cute life quotes for more ways to increase your happiness and be the best version of yourself possible. Be You, be beautiful, be blissfully blessed.

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    There are a lot of things we can do to be more successful in life and one of them is not Sabotaging our success. It’s not rocket science, honestly. If you can do the things on this list not only will you find life throws more bones your way but you will enjoy it more as well!

  2. You’re right, it’s not rocket science. Just good. plain common sense. Which jsust happens to be a misnoma 🙂 I’m delighted and honoured to have you as a follower of my blog. Thank you.

  3. I certainly agree, but dont be fooled by the smile on the faces, often this covers up sadness. Not everyone who appears perfect/happy/together..is as they want us to believe they are.

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