21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 21

Hello again, Beautiful people

My Friday night isn’t so wild tonight so here I am with a glass of full fat coke (I know, calm down Roisin, you’ll do yourself an injury!) back at the laptop again with a different post to my previous few.

I’ve seen a lot of these lists floating about on Facebook and Twitter so I figured I’d have a go at creating my own.

Now, this is very much a work in progress list.

Lots of things I’d like to add, as always, but I’ve managed to bring it down to 21! (For the purposes of a snazzy title really, don’t judge).

This list is not preachy, far from it – I still do a lot of things I’ve wrote in this list, or don’t do some I really should. That’s why I’ve wrote it though, Life’s all about learning isn’t it?

This is a list for all the girls that are in that fabulous 18-21 bracket, it was my most favourite 3 years for partying and making a whole lot of bad decision but also some of the best of my life! Knowing some of the things in this list would have helped iron out a few bumps in the road, or at least saved me some blushes but hey ho, they made it all fabulous.

Anyway, here they are – 21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 21 (Or had listened too because I’m sure plenty of people gave me this advice and I chose to ignore it at the time, girls prerogative I suppose!)

Disclaimer: This list has been created from my experience, the mistakes me and my fabulous friends have made and continue to sometimes make. It is NOT based on wisdom and is therefor not very philosophical or particularly wise – you have been warned!

21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 21

Love It – Honestly, sounds cliche but literally this is one of the happiest times of your life. Even the shit parts of it are going to become great memories for you, trust me.

Laugh Your Way Through It – Don’t take anything or anyone too seriously, having to ‘grow up’ is literally right round the corner so put that off for as long as you can.

Make New Friends – Don’t be scared of all the new people you’re meeting when you’re out, at work, or in uni ! Wherever you meet them, smile at them and say hello. You might be talking to your future best friend or love of your life! It doesn’t mean you’re leaving anyone behind – you can be friends with everyone and the people that say you can’t? Get them to f**k.

Love Yourself – You’re going to look back on all the selfies and pre-night out photos of yourself and think ‘God how skinny was I? My make-up is never that beautiful now! Remember when I had time to do my hair like that?’ so enjoy it at the time! You’re not fat or ugly, you’re one of the best versions of yourself you’re going to be and you’re going to spend your 30s (and some of your 20s) wishing you looked like that all over again!

Take the Pair of Flats – And… the coat and the house key your Mum keeps rabbiting on about – Again, just trust me. A sure way to avoid cut feet, pneumonia and worst of all having to swallow your pride and bang on the door at 5am.

Spend Your Money on You – Not popular with the parents but go for it. Work hard for your money and work equally hard at spending it on what you love – Wether it’s clothes or a night out, go for it! (Don’t get a credit card though TRUST ME, those little cards of plastic are the devil in disguise!)

Don’t Waste Time on Something That’s Making you Miserable – Ditch it. Wether it’s that friend that’s not really your friend, a boyfriend that’s making you sad more than happy, that job that is destroying your soul or those skyscraper heels that you only insist on wearing to prove to your mum that they ‘are so comfortable it’s like walking on clouds’. Ditch them, it’ll be better for you in the long run.

Take a Compliment – They mean it, this is what’s it’s like being sort of adult-y. Men, women, whoever is giving you a compliment on a night out or in your local Tesco’s, believe them, smile and say thank you, go on, even return the favour!

That Guy is Really Not Worth it – Nor is he a ‘bad boy’. He’s too old to be in *JellyBaby on a Thursday Night and he still lives with his mum and dad, don’t take his arrogance for sexiness, he’s a twat.

Do NOT Mix White Wine and Red Wine Together! – It will not create Rose. It will just leave you with no recollection of your night, a thumping head and after tastes of regret.

You Are Not Fresh as a Daisy – Darling, you’ve woke up still drunk, enjoy this glorious feeling because you will be hitting a whitey* at roughly 5pm (Just in time for family dinner, you classy lady).

Eating Isn’t Cheating – I still make this mistake 5 years on so I’m certainly not preaching but trust me, if you want to remember your night out have a bite to eat before you go on a bender. While we’re on the topic of food, savour the night out food you’re going to consume – chips, cheese and curry for dinner 4 nights in a row might catch up with your eventually, enjoy it while you can.

Have at Least One – ..Night out that leads to you going to the club in your jeans & flats with no make up on – this will be one of the best nights out of your life!

Don’t Waste It – Don’t waste your time with your face in your phone, or binge watching Netflix, trust me there is plenty of time for that! You don’t always have to be out, but do always be happy – have a night in with your girls, sit with your family, go to the crappy pub quiz – do it all!

Explore! – All the nights of the week have something wonderful on offer for you to enjoy and you wouldn’t believe all the places there are to explore (sober!) so, branch out -* Town’s amazing but trust me, there are a million other places out there that are just waiting to be discovered by you, so travel whenever you can.

Take ALL the Selfies Your Heart Desires – Take photos in general, you’ll get to laugh at them, reminisce about them, cry over them and even PRINT them.

Have Love – Wether it’s for a boy, your best friend or just for you, make sure you keep a little bit of room for love and enjoy it, love hard without the fear of it stopping, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Your Heart Will Get Better – Eat the ice-cream, listen to your Besties (and even your mum) and they’ll mend your heart for you, no matter who or what broke it.

Mistakes Are Meant to be Made – Don’t let the fear eat you up over what you did or didn’t do. Don’t wonder how you would change it if you could – these mistakes are what make you, you! Surround yourself with people that will laugh about them or cry about them with you and then help you fix them without judgement!

Ask ALL The Questions– Your not supposed to have all the answers, it’s okay to ask for help, it makes everything a whole lot easier.

Lastly – Just, Do You Boo! – Don’t waste a single fuck caring what anyone thinks about you, just do you and trust me you’ll find the people that love you for it. Don’t look back and regret not being the best you, you could have been – Make your mark on your world, it’s out there for you to change – Go for it!

*JellyBaby – An infamous club night that runs every Thursday in Glasgow’s ABC, everyone has had at least one JellyBaby experience if you’re from the west of Scotland, I’m sure.

* Whitey – Glamorous description of one vomiting.

*Town – Glasgow, the big city, you know – Town!


So there you have it, just in time for the weekend, my (sometimes ill-advised) advice that I would have given to 18 year old me!

Thank you for reading and as always my lovelies, please feel free to share, chat about, laugh with or comment on these silly ramblings – Even tell me what your advice to you would have been, if ya fancy!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Roisin xoxo

My website: www.roisinsarahgallacher.com, please feel free to head over there and have a browse!

8 thoughts on “21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 21”

    • You’re totally right! It’s really hard to do some of them and it took me a long time to do bits and pieces of it! This would have been my ideal things to hear- specially if it saved me from mixing white and red wine haha!

  1. it simply is hard when we are mind oriented ,when we don’t hear our own voice,when we are living not our life but living someone else’s dream….yes it is hard,yes it is difficult but trust me beautiful person it is worth….live your life and blessed is Sarah who learnt it before 21 and I learnt at 35 so as we say life is a learning process,get ready learn and live and you will say to yourself I am bloddy enjoying it…go for it.


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