“Every Day” 2011

This post is one of my writing rarities I wrote way back in college – pretty much summarizing what a day in the life of Miss Suncheese was like at that time. I tell you now nothing much had happened other than that I met friends, passed all my classes and got the hell out of college after seven long years. Hell yeah!

Featuring this on my blog right now after years of it being in my keeping (actually, being hid from the face of the earth), I don’t know if people can relate to it. I mean, yes, it’s a personal slice of life (or what I call it, dark days) but I happened to come upon it when I was looking for junk  a while ago. What a great find! Honestly, I almost forgot about it after all this time.

Anyways, go ahead and read. Feel free to like, comment and, please before sharing it, reflect if it’s even a good idea. Fine, fine. It’s nothing to hesitate about really. I’m just exaggerating. So, read on  (a few grammar errors here and there but I don’t care) and maybe we have one or two things in common.

Oh yeah! Before you misunderstand me, I just want to say that I used to like Taylor Swift. Just saying.

Almost always, the happy lonely, Miss Suncheese.

“Every Day” (2011)

I wake up every day, and I am amazed that I don’t need my alarm clock to wake me up. Every day I shower, a shower that usually takes twenty minutes or longer. Every day, I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth. Every day I get to the van terminal, get in a van, pay fifteen pesos, and wait.

Insert traffic there before I forget about it.

After thirty minutes, I fall in line by the university gate and wait for my turn to swipe my ID and then forget to register my laptop in the log book. Every day I walk about five minutes before I reach the CIT building and another three minutes for me to reach the fourth floor. Every day I sit between “Pebbles” and “Ashtray” and talk to them – talk and talk and, in the end, bicker because “Pebbles” doesn’t care again.

After a class ends, I stay at the main library and turn on my laptop and surf the internet until the next class. I check for Facebook updates, pictures, post my compositions in Tumblr, and play Tetris Battle. Every day I let my Aim on and wait for someone to say hi. And every time that I do and no one bothers to say hi I end up getting upset.

Every day I eat lunch alone, and I am not sad about it. This year is already my fifth year in college and I am definitely not annoyed.

Every day I think I am getting old but not growing up even just a little. Every day, I am getting tired but getting nothing done. Every day I wait until the day is over so I can finally go home.

I cannot wait yet I wish I have so much time.

Every day I come home and shower again. I wait until it’s dinner time and then eat and finish in record time before everyone gets to finish their meal. I head upstairs and my little sister pouts. I lie in bed and keep textbooks near but I do not open them nor dare to read. Every day I listen to The Maine, Neon Trees, Gavin Degraw, and Taylor Swift. The volume is always 100% and my little sister pouts again. I talk to myself, not a single day that I do not; I will always talk to myself. After an hour or two, I drift to sleep but not without setting my alarm clock to 6am, turning the lights off, and kissing my favorite pillow goodnight. Then, I dream weird dreams and don’t remember most of them, but, you see, Neverland is not always fiction.

Because of some weird reasons, I wake up the next day. No idea why I bother. It’s just so automatic.

Every day I do nothing but exist. To exist is exhausting. Every day I breathe. To breathe is not exhausting. Every day, I try to live my life the way it must be lived. However, I do not know how, and I am too lazy to even care. I am passive and I let things pass me by, drag myself to indolence, inconsistency, and shallow indulgence.

Every day I wish but I don’t pray – sometimes I try to hope.

Every day are both long, long words. I am still at letter ‘E’ yet I already want to be at what’s next to letter ‘Y’.

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