Sometimes the best way to fight fire

is with fire.


So I am learning that the anxious fire that burns within

Can be countered by firey passion instead


What better way to prove to your consciousness

that you can,

and you WILL;

than to push yourself out of your comfort zone?


Rewind about 8 months.


Unhappy with my job (and not because of lack of passion)


You realize you are smack in the middle of quarter-life crisis.

You need out.






So you make a move

One your anxious existence tells you is impossible;

is crazy

is absurd

you ask yourself

“what the hell am I thinking?”

You have out of body moments and ask yourself “who is this person?”


But you ignore it.

You ignore your own self-doubts and go for it.


And reader —

You get it.


Fast forward to right now — your dreams are being realized.

You are smashing your goals (the same ones your brain said you couldn’t)

You are confident in your choices.

You are excited


For the first time, in a very long time.



(To learn more about the event behind this post, click here)



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