I am what I am. In a world filled with hate and greed, I am what I am. To strangers about in the street, I am what I am. To the thieves robbing my neighbors right now, I am what I am. For those who don’t know who they are, look into my eyes and let my gaze take you to who I am

I am strong in physique and I am powerful in beauty. I am what I am, I am a goddess amongst others and I am a god amongst my giant brothers. I am superior among the inferior, I am loved and hated to be loved and hated, I am what I am and I am the hope when there is no hope.

I am the beat, I am the oppressed, I am the sold and I am the owned, I am what I am. I am also the free which is what I will always be.

I am the pillar of your household, I am the giver and the taker of your household. I am what I am, I am who makes more life and I am who makes life bright. I am the epiphany, I am your true life’s trajectory. I am the object of gaze and the person of immense praise. I am what I am.

I will never be what you want me to be. I am what I am; a force so brute, a movement so violently beautiful, a nation made from multiple nations. I am God’s creation. I am what I am and I am what I say I am:


I am woman, I am man; I am black and I am, I am.



Photo Credit: Anter Blackbird

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