5 Reasons Why Your Life is Stuck

A new year has started or maybe a new day, and your life is the same place it was when you did your last ever so frequent retrospection. Nothing has changed, you are still in that damned 9-5, still struggling to pay bills, still hustling for your big break. Going day by day hoping for a bag of luck to fall from the sky.

Well, today I am going to shatter your made up hopes, and serve you this Coffee black. Your life is stuck for the following reasons:


You are fearful

This must be the Grammy Award for why we never go after our dreams. We are scared of the uncertainty. The comfort of a weekly pay, and the warmth of our bed on a cold, winter morning is enough to prevent us from stepping out. You want so much, yet you are so complacent to make the first move, take the risk. T.S. Eliot once said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” You will never know your true potential if you remain risk averse. Life and everyone else will leave you behind and you will be left looking on with envy and lust thinking the world is against you. Take control of your fears and you will become the master of your life.


You are lazy

If fear is the Grammy, this is the Oscar. Laziness is one of the biggest vices we facilitate as humans. We have so many great ideas, ones that could change the world, impact lives, and start movements, but we are lazy. You have enough time to sleep and sit around all weekend watching Netflix, but you are too tired to go after your goals. Instead you make silly excuses to cover up the fact that you are a complacent bum. Laziness has never rewarded anyone, unless you made a bet with your friend to binge watch Stranger Things and won. It is time to get off your fat or skinny ass and start making moves. The world does not stop spinning because you are too “tired.”


You are not focused

I am guilty of this, and I am sure you are too. After you get over the fear and laziness, you are rearing to start working on the next big thing. However, you suddenly realize that thing has turned into things. You want to travel, you want to start an online class, you want to be an Entrepreneur, a Lawyer, a Pilot, all at once. You have no clear direction of where you want to go or where to start. We always have the end in mind. Clear sunny days by the beach in Tahiti with 2.5 kids (maybe the half is adopted), $10 million dollars in a Swiss account and a private jet at the local airfield. But, how do you get to that point? You have no clear plan, no idea, no system, and this is where setting clear goals come in.


You are not setting goals

Tony Robbins once said “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” There is no true success without goal setting. You need to have a defined system in place that has a definite timeline in which to achieve each goal. You cannot just put things out there and expect the universe to give you without giving clear directions. You make a new year resolution to go to the gym, but do not define the purpose and the timeline in which to achieve that purpose. You want to invest, but set no clear goal as to how will grow that investment and make a return. Start setting definitive goals and start working towards them and the universe will make things fall into place along the way.


You are not thinking positively

Positive thinking is paramount in the manifestation of your dreams and goals. It may even be more important that goal setting in my opinion. You can have all the definitive goals in the world with focused ideas, stand up against your fears and stop being lazy. However, if you are still harboring a negative mindset, then all those positive moves are in vain. Have you ever noticed how powerful negativity is? You just need to do a simple mathematical equation between negative and positive numbers, or take a look at tonight’s newscast. You have to start training yourself to think positively, and that starts with throwing away negative triggers such as cynicism, sadness, depression, laziness, loneliness, bad news and fake friends. Study how to train a positive mind through reading, prayer and meditation. Soon, you will be on your way to fluidity, prosperity and fulfillment in your life.

Cheers to a moving year!


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