5 Tips to Break Your Bad Habits

Habits are, in many ways, something entirely essential to us as human beings. They require little thought or mental energy, and that’s why we always turn to them.

We’re simply used to the comfort they give us, and this is the very reason why, once established, a habit can be insanely difficult to break.

All those mysterious, faraway “next Mondays” that you keep mentioning rarely ever happen, do they? Well, time to change that. Let’s have a little chat about habits what can be done to make big steps and finally live the life you want to live.

I can’t stick to my diet

If you keep trying to go on extreme diets, it’s no wonder you fail. Our body needs sustenance, and a diet is supposed to be more of a permanent lifestyle change rather than something you do for a little while, until you reach your goal weight.

So, what should you do? Well, for starters, never starve yourself. Take small steps. Introduce more veggies and fruits into your daily meals, and cut down on the processed food and sugar. Drink more water, eat more fish and chicken, and pick healthy things to snack on.

Basically, make a plan that you’ll be satisfied with, that won’t require you to make extreme sacrifices. You want your diet to make you happy, not leave you miserable and starved.

I keep entering bad relationships

Hollywood can partially be blamed why we have some very weird, generally insane ideas about what romantic means, and what constitutes as a good relationship.

They are a fun little fantasy, but in real life, if you find a guy who shuts you up with a kiss when you start complaining? Run far, far away. That guy isn’t being romantic, he just doesn’t care enough to listen to you. You shouldn’t enter relationships with people while hoping they will one day change to fit your fantasy – they won’t. You’re better than that.

You don’t need to be with someone who’s broken and hope that you’ll fix them one day. You deserve to be with someone who loves you, who, above all, respects you, who listens, and who wants to commit and build something with you.

I’m always tired

You stay up late, staring at your phone or computer, wasting time on social media, and wondering why aren’t you so tired all the time. Well, for starters, the bright light from the screen might be keeping you awake late at night, which leads to insomnia, which leads to weariness.

You enter a vicious circle that’s very hard to break. Try to organize your day better and reduce internet time to a minimum and see what happens. Also, see your doctor. Constant weariness might be a sign of a condition like hypothyroidism, so if you’re worried, schedule an appointment.  

I hate exercising

We all do, in the beginning. But hear us out – it passes. If you stick to it, if you motivate yourself the right way, it becomes fun at one point. What you need to do, is find the way to make it enjoyable.

Little steps, like getting yourself some quality workout gear like women’s sports leggings, writing down points for progress, and paying for a gym membership make all the difference.

Make a track of your favourite uplifting tunes to go with the workout, imagine yourself as a superhero while you exercise, and allow yourself to get lost in the comforting strain of your muscles – this means you’re getting somewhere.

I feel like I’m stagnating

The most difficult habit to break is our general tendency to be passive and let things happen to us, rather than get up and do something about them. Always wanted to learn French? Why not try out apps like Duolingo? Sign up for those martial arts classes, learn how to cook like you’ve always wanted, or even get back to school and get your degree.

There are now a ton of online classes, there are places which teach you anything from US history to coding. Never stop learning. This is where your future is, in your own skills and knowledge.

All it takes is some willpower and persistence. Forgive yourself when you stumble (because you will) and just soldier on. Don’t let your goal out of your sight, and you’ll reach it sooner than you think.