Overthinking is Evil

You know what the biggest challenge for me is? Overthinking.

I absolutely hate it!


I sent someone a text message the other day, and instead of “I’m okay!” they wrote “I’m okay.” I thought to myself: “She used a period instead of an exclamation point! Is she dying? Oh, (bleep). Do I have to plan a funeral? Or maybe she’s just mad at me and wants to rip my heart out of my chest.”

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little bit, but that’s seriously how I am. The littlest things will have me dwell on them.

Studies have shown that overthinking actually leads to depression, Insomnia, and self-harming tendencies.

I spend many nights laying awake and overthinking about: what I’m going to talk to my therapist about in our next session, what I’m going to improve upon in the next few weeks, what I’m going to eat (and how I’d react if I feel worse), what my next blog article will be about, etc.

Overthinking is evil. Period. One of my mottos are: “Don’t think, just do.” Now, that’s not to say that I don’t think before I act, but I don’t think more than I need to. There are definitely times where I just do things without thinking, because it’s healthier that way. You don’t always need to think about something before you do it.

It’s been said that if you don’t do something within a certain amount of time from when you thought of it, you either won’t do it or it won’t come out the way it would have, had you not dwelled on that thing and just pursued your idea.

When I find myself re-thinking my ideas, worries or plans, I stop myself, do that thing and say: “It is what it is.” I don’t overthink and wonder why it came out worse or better than expected. It just is. If I find myself cheating and overthinking or worrying, I pop my headphones on and listen to guided meditation videos.


The reason overthinking happens is because we have time, we’re allowing it to happen. Go to the gym, stay physically active, don’t allow your mind time to get stuck on something that won’t be constructive for you. Watch something on Netflix, go for a jog, go swimming, draw, take sexy selfies, whatever. Do something, stay active and always keep doing things. At the end of the day, instead of worrying, jot your thoughts down in a journal. Something constructive to do with your feelings.

Everything will pass. There is no sense in worrying about the future, there is no point on getting stuck in the past. Do something, move on, keep active, repeat. Do not think, just do. You’ll learn lessons from the results of your actions, but do not get stuck on them.

1 thought on “Overthinking is Evil

  1. I love this! It seems to be a big problem for me as well. I’ve been trying to figure out what blocks me… I love the tidbit about having a window of time to get something done! Good advice!

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