7 Benefits of a Career Change

In a perfect life, we’d all know what we want to do and we’d do it for the rest of our lives. However, things rarely work out the way we want, in accordance to the “happily ever after” philosophy. Mistakes are made, wrong turns are taken, and we change as we mature, so what worked for us yesterday may not be what we want today. You woke up and realized that you need a career change in order to be more satisfied and fulfilled.

When considering a shift in career, what you need to do is weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of making that kind of change. People with secure and steady jobs may find it hard to change things and take a risk, but a career change can actually be beneficial in many ways. Let’s see if it’s really time for reinvention.

#1 Less Stress, Please

Maybe your job is secure, but if the work environment is dysfunctional, the daily stress can affect you in a really bad way, eventually making you sick of your job.

The company culture and morale are hitting an all-time low, you get more work while paid the same, and because of that the stress just piles up.

Today, the cause of many illnesses is assigned to stress, such as weak immune system, high blood pressure, as well as having less time to dedicate to yourself, your friends and family.

If this is the case, ask yourself: is it worth it? We can’t avoid stress, because life is stressful, but are there less stressful situations in which you could be, where you’d find it easier to make a balance?

#2 Read the Signs

People usually sense that something’s wrong, but they keep hoping the feeling will go away or that things will get better by themselves, thus ignore the signs.

This is a bad way of thinking, because the world changes and accelerates, and if a company that thrives now doesn’t keep up and change, it will implode.

Do you work in a company like that? Do you notice the low morale, reduced activity, and major changes in the business? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then get up on your feet, start thinking proactively, and seek for another job opportunity.

#3 A More Purposeful Life

A career change can bring to you an identity crisis. If you’re ready to make a career shift or are in the transition, just remember that it’s not the end of your life.

Always bear in mind that you’re doing this to improve things. There’s something that you’ve always wanted to try and you’ve made a step towards it.

If you get stuck in the mindset of waiting for the right moment, the right moment will probably never come along. Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. Your job doesn’t define you, you’re the same person you were yesterday.

#4 Do Something Different

When dissatisfied with their jobs, people tend to project that onto other aspects of their lives, making them more chaotic. If you want to do something different, then do it now, because the longer you wait the less resolve you will have.

Those who have worked in the same place for a decade or more, who are satisfied with it, and still have job security are fortunate. Java developers, data analysts, information security specialists, and technical architects are sought after right now. With frequent turbulence in the economy, accountants are in demand as well, and by taking a few good accounting courses to get practical skills, you’ll be ready to hit that job position you’ve always wanted to try.

#5 Unleashing Your Passion

Doing something you’re passionate about is a prerequisite for life satisfaction. What is your passion? Can you make a career out of it? If yes, then why not try it?

Ask yourself what is the thing you really enjoy and get excited about, and how can you get paid for doing it.

#6 Different Job, Same Organization

If you don’t like your work, but like your employer, you can make an internal career change. You’ll remain in the same company, go to work in the same building, but do another kind of work that you truly enjoy. Go to your employer or manager, and talk about it, express your desires to change the job position you’re in.

#7 When You Have to Do It

Maybe things were going great, and you’ve never considered to make a career change. However, you have just been made redundant in your company and there are simply no job offerings in your current field. The best way to go is finding a career area where there’s a high demand for labor.

You realize that you have various qualities and skills, but you don’t use them to their fullest. The current job position won’t allow you to grow vertically, so the choice is simple: either you’ll remain in the comfort zone or take a leap into progression. If your gut tells you that something’s wrong and needs to change, listen to that feeling. Change for the better.