A Journey To Freedom

When everything settles down one day,
I will set out to find “the land of freedom“.
My destination will be far-far away;
a land where nobody knows me.

I will be alone in my whole journey
with the tore out pages of my old life
One by one I will throw them into the wind
and acquire the ‘forever-peace-of-mind’.

I will buy a black scarf and cover my neck tattoo.
I will grow a big beard to feel matured.
I will ignore the scars the society gave me.
I will forget the story of “you-and-me-forever”.

Love won’t be a prison to me anymore.
No name. No religion. No face. No gender.
I will see the whole world as my family.
I will stretch a hand for anybody who needs it.

Nobody will judge me for being myself.
No question will be raised for what I do.
Then I will live a life as the person I want to be
without the need of being born again.

Even if this “land of freedom” is beyond our wildest dreams, let’s set out to create a world where everyone is free to express their emotions and ideas by breaking all the walls.

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