A Little Something to Think About..

I Woke Up This Morning:

Bright and early like I always do Monday thru Friday. I put on some makeup, played with my hair, and stepped out to the kitchen to begin brewing some sweet, raspberry, chocolate flavored coffee. While that brewed and the aroma of cherries filled my kitchen, I started to make a couple of scrambled egg whites and broil some fiber toast.This is how I start all of my weekday morning. Some coffee, a nice breakfast, and a T.V. show to meditate and prepare for my long 8-hour workday at the office. This morning I watched a new episode of Imposters. You know, Bravo’s new scripted series where this woman marries rich suckers and then ditches them after taking them for all they own.

And Then I Scrolled Through My Feed:

After eating my breakfast and now on my second cup of coffee, I lazily scrolled through my Facebook and saw it….she died this morning. Just as I was reading the sympathetic post my best friend from high school texted me saying, “Brina is dead!” I was dumbfounded…This sweet girl, younger than I, that I had went to high school with, cheerleaded with, and graduated with, was now dead. I couldn’t fathom it. But how? How did this happen? I found myself responding to my best friend’s text. While the story given to us was a little shady I will tell you this….

I Hate I Wasn’t More Involved:

I know after graduation me and Brina fell apart. We had our own lives and a lot was going on for both of us and we tended to drift apart. Through social media we could keep up some and I noticed my once friend was rapidly losing weight and possibly hanging around a not-so-pleasant crowd. I assumed drugs, but I never knew for sure and no longer had that sort of relationship with her to where I felt it was my place to ask. I wish I would have. Maybe I could have said something.I could have helped or offered her someone to talk to. Sometimes we feel we shouldn’t get involved when in the end, we wished we would have. I am not saying she died because of the drugs, but the story we were given points back to just that.


I hope that this girl is at peace now and I hope her family may heal and be comforted in this tragic time. I wished I would have been more involved and stuck my nose where “it didn’t belong” as we so often think. But if I had, would it have made a difference in this girl’s life? Could I have given her some sort of hope she hadn’t yet received? I hope that if this opportunity shows itself to me again, I will make a difference choice.

–May you Rest in Peace Brina–

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2 thoughts on “A Little Something to Think About..

  1. Some friends drift away for some reason. God has a plan for everything. I understand what you’re feeling right now. We all know Brina is in a happy place. My condolemces and prayers are with you!

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