A long awaited wishful dream

It’s a weird feeling…

I want to talk about her to everyone, yet I shouldn’t. She is the incomperable one, She made me feel alive and live for the ecstasty of the moment. She made my life a heaven… momentarily though. And now away from her, I can only dream about her. In my dream, She is doing what she will not even consider doing… She was talking to me.

In my dreams, I’m taking her by the hands and taking her for a walk, we talk tirelessly for along time about everything. Then, she opens up about her fears and sorrows. I open my arms to embrace her beauty and hold her tiny hands, whispering in her ears “Don’t worry! I’m beside you, and as long as I’m here, I’ll protect you from them”.

Then, She wept. I looked into her deep magical gaze and drowned in the sparkling tears. I looked deep into those eyes for a moment, kissed her tears and wiped them with my lips. Then, with my finger tips, I cleaned her ample cheeks. She hugged me so tight, I felt my bones breaking withing my body… and that was the moment I woke up.

I woke up from that sweet pain to realise that it was all a dream, just some wishes stored in my uncounciousness. And now, her existence near me is no more than an obsolete wishfull dream; that only I know about. Eventhough it seems really impossible, I’m wishing that one day… ONE DAY, the dream I told above will come true with a slight difference. This time I will be wiping her tears of joy.


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