We went from not liking each other to liking each other 

Hi Mouhamad,

Thank you sharing your story. It’s an incredible journey you’re on and your writing will help countless others.
Here are some resources for you as far as reaching out to a cause and movement that is far greater than you or me.  
Stupid Cancer, as you know, I think is the best platform for your voice. The founder is Matthew Zachary, who is a survivor of pediatric brain cancer himself. His email is and text is  You can let him know I referred you. A lot of young adults with cancer may be looking for natural alternative treatments to help with their cancer pain, nausea from chemo, appetite loss, etc, but don’t know if medical cannabis is the right way to go without being judged for their decision due to the stigma attached, as you experienced first hand. As a young adult in the NYS medical marijuana program because of a cancer diagnosis, you are in a unique position to guide other young cancer patients who struggle with the darkness you overcame.
For improving or expanding the NYS medical marijuana program and I wanted to connect you to Leland Radovanovic, from Students for Sensible Drug Policy, who also has been played a pivotal role in advocating for medical cannabis. He can connect you to Drug Policy Alliance, or Compassionate Care NY, or arrange for going up to Albany to voice your opinions, should you 
I really commend you for all that you are working towards.. expressing your vulnerability takes a great amount of strength and advocacy for medical cannabis is certainly not for the faint hearted. In the short amount of time I’ve known you, you have demonstrated a great deal of both.

Dr. Huang


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