Hi…. I’m new here just Joined BayArt as an author I’m glad to be an author in for this blog. 

My name is adebumola from Nigeria in Africa. I was born and raised in Nigeria, I’m 18years old a student of a university here in Nigeria. 

I’m an upcoming blogger who tends to keep growing passion for writing and I think I’m improving well that’s why BayArt offered me to be an author which solely appreciate cause this is my first guest blog which have been invited so to me it’s some kind of achievement. We start from somewhere, stick with it, you grow then become a pro or a consultant so it’s a just a step forward for me in the field of blogging for being invited by BayArt. 

Well, I look forward to working for this blog by putting my best to give a content post that’s attract a real audience. 

I don’t have a specific niche for now I’m a lifestyle blogger I can talk about my personal life to daily activities to what’s happening in the world, just anything reasonable that I think will help people I post not only here but also on my blog too www.lifestyleblog666.wordpress.com….. This is my own blog it’s an upcoming blog though its going to be a month old soon and it’s really growing but working for this blog too is a good thing. 

To be honest to sit down and think about what to write that audience will be eager to read, people keep saying all you need is a niche blog incase you don’t know what a niche blog is its a blog about a particular topic. 

Even if you know about a particular topic so much you will surely rub out of blog post unless if you want to repeat yourself that’s why people tend to have more authors for their blog cause different authors with different ideas and thoughts that will make it easy for them to have more blog post and original content.

So my advice for you if you run out or blog post, if you have the money then you can put it up on upwork, freelance, fiverr for an article at least for 5$ for a 500 word blog post all you’ve got to do is to make sure it’s not a copied or stolen blog post that’s if you care about original post. 

IN my blog I do put some blog post that are not mine but they are useful to my audience. That’s what my audience are looking for with just a little a tweaking then I upload it on my own blog no matter how hard you try you can’t write new blog post everyday you will surely run out of it. 

I’m glad to be part of the blog authors and will try my best to work with them and in other to grow my own blog too this all I can put down right from my head and mind I hope you enjoy it thanks. Www.lifestyleblog666.wordpress.com 


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