78+ Best Aaliyah Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was an American rhythm and blues singer and actress. Profoundly inspirational Aaliyah quotes and song lyrics will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Aaliyah Quotes

I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original. – Aaliyah

Everything is worth it. The hard work, the times when you’re tired, the times where you’re a bit sad… In the end, it’s all worth it because it really makes me happy. There’s nothing better than loving what you do. – Aaliyah

Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want. If God gave you the talent, you should go for it. But don’t think it’s going to be easy. It’s hard! – Aaliyah

It’s hard to say what I want my legacy to be when I’m long gone. – Aaliyah

It was always part of the plan to move into acting. – Aaliyah

There is a bit of acting involved when you get in front of a camera for a video. Even when you perform onstage, you’re putting on a show. – Aaliyah

Age ain’t nothing but a number; throwing down ain’t nothing but a thang. This loving I have for you it’ll never change. – Aaliyah

Here I am and there you are. Your eyes are calling me to your heart. All you gotta do is knock, and I’ll let you in. Then we will feel the passion that flows within. I don’t mean to be bold, but I gotta let you know- I gotta thing for you and I can’t let go. – Aaliyah

There are times when I find you want to keep yourself from me. When I don’t have the strength, I’m just a mirror of what I see. – Aaliyah

At your best, you are love. You’re a positive motivating force within my life. Should you ever feel the need to wonder why, let me know. – Aaliyah

When it comes down to the things I like, boy, you know just how to satisfy me. You pick me up when I’m down; you put my feet on solid ground. And you make me your first priority. – Aaliyah

When there are clouds on a rainy day, you know how to bring sunshine to my life. And I’ve never felt this way before. You make me feel like I’m your goddess. – Aaliyah

Baby can’t you see I got a thing for you. I really like the way you do the things you do. Take control of me, fulfill my fantasies. Here’s my pager number, won’t you get with me? – Aaliyah

It’s just the little things you do that turns me on. You really turn me on, and you got it goin’ on. I’m into you. – Aaliyah

Now that we have come to know each other, I’ll never go away. Love will always stay here forever ’cause this thing we’ve got is very rare, yeah. So, don’t ever go nowhere, no. – Aaliyah

You and me got a street kinda thing goin’ on. And I’m so happy that I found you. Our love ain’t goin’ nowhere. It’s gonna stay right here, right here forever. – Aaliyah

You’ll never have to ask a second time. I’m the one for you; you’re the one for me. So, there’s no doubt in my mind, no. Boy, this love we have is so real, oh, yes it is. That’s why I’m never goin’ nowhere, no. – Aaliyah

You can climb the highest mountain. You can swim the deepest sea. But, boy, I gotta let you know- my love will always be. – Aaliyah

Tonight is the night that I take you, boy, and I put you in my good thang all night. – Aaliyah

Hey, boy, won’t you play for me right now? Give me that old school beat. I wanna hear it here. Groovin’ all night long. I gotta let you know you got it goin’ on. Play it for me. – Aaliyah

Hey, boy, let me hear your song. Yeah, play till the break of dawn. Keep it right here, groovin’ all night. I gotta let you know that it feels so right. Play it for me. – Aaliyah

Boy, there’s no need to look no further. ‘Cause everything you want is right here. And I don’t mind giving you what you want just as long as you stay near me. – Aaliyah

I have no doubt in my mind you are the one for me. So, there is no need to be insecure. See, I’m so glad to know we got a street thing going on. So here I am, baby, just bring your loving on. – Aaliyah

Boy, you know just what to do when it comes down to lovin’ me. That is why I’m into you, ’cause we’ve got a love that’s guaranteed. – Aaliyah

I got to let you know just how I feel ’cause I never felt like this before. And when you touch me where you touch me, when you call my name, I get a little weak ’cause, boy, you’ve got that thing. – Aaliyah

I like the things you like about me. It’s good to know we got something in common, see. So, if lovin’ you’s wrong I don’t wanna be right because you got the thing that I like. – Aaliyah

You’re hotter than a summer day in California. You got me meltin’ like a sundae, now I want ya. – Aaliyah

I won’t keep you; I won’t keep you holdin’ on. But if you wait on me, I promise you it won’t be long. – Aaliyah

C’mon, can you feel us? We’re gonna make it hot, baby! – Aaliyah

In film, you are a totally different person than in the video. – Aaliyah

When you get into this business you have to grow up quickly. But I wouldn’t say I’ve lost any of my childhood, I’ve always been a mature child. My Mom says I’ve been like that since I was little kid. I make time for my friends and I make time for things that other kids do. This is a business and I knew what I was getting into. I make time for being a kid, but I also know when to put on my business hat and go for the business. – Aaliyah

I’ve been singing all my life. I’ve always wanted this. I sang in church, in school plays, and my parents gave me vocal lessons. My parents always said this was destined for me. – Aaliyah

The Matrix is top secret. There isn’t much that can be said right now. – Aaliyah

I’m a total performer. – Aaliyah

I don’t think about my previous success. I’m happy that the work I’ve done has been very successful. – Aaliyah

I think it’s important to take a break, you know, from the public eye for a while, and give people a chance to miss you. I want longevity. I don’t want to get out there and run myself ragged and spread myself thin. – Aaliyah

It’s fun to be creative and innovative and come up with something crazy. So, I need people to work with who are not going to be afraid to take it to the left a bit. – Aaliyah

I wanted to be different and original but still have it be something my fans could get into. There also are some big, beautiful ballads. I told my producers that I wanted tracks that are going to blow up in the clubs, but I also wanted songs that were very melodic and with a lot of instrumentation. – Aaliyah

It’s really a sad story, and I liked that. The songs on this album talk about relationships in every aspect. – Aaliyah

Well, I think that the image is a part of me. I wear the baggy pants, the hats, the whole nine. And you know, I may add a little for the excitement and the intrigue in the videos, but my family has told me that little air of mystery that surrounds me is for real. – Aaliyah

That’s why I work every day. Ev-er-y day. I want to knock people out. – Aaliyah

You know we’re in a business where things are just unpredictable. You don’t know what’s going to happen…we were lucky Blessed; I think is a better way to put it. – Aaliyah

All I can do is leave it in God’s hands and hope that my fans feel where I’m coming from. – Aaliyah

I wanna be the best at what I do. I wanna sing, I wanna dance, I wanna act. That’s about it. – Aaliyah

Romeo Must Die came at the right time. It was the right vehicle for me. – Aaliyah

I don’t feel I made any sacrifices at all. I’m doing my best to juggle. – Aaliyah

I’m involved in some action scenes, so they’ll train me for that. I’ll be working with my acting coach to prepare for my character. – Aaliyah

I began to work the stage and get the audience into it. I also learned how to have fun out there. It is something I will never forget. – Aaliyah

When a fan comes up to you and says I love your music, there’s nothing better than that. – Aaliyah

If you want to go to the mall, you have to take security. But it’s always cool. The kids are amazing. – Aaliyah

I have the time needed to support the album and tour. – Aaliyah

I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person. – Aaliyah

You have to love what you do to want to do it every day. – Aaliyah

It’s in how you carry yourself. I’ve always been a very mature person, and I’ve always known what I wanted. And I go after it no matter what. – Aaliyah

If at first you don’t succeed/You can dust it off and try again/Dust yourself off and try again. – Aaliyah

Whatever will be, will be. – Aaliyah

I go through the same problems all young people go through. Being in this business, I accept that there are positives and negatives but having a strong family base and a belief in God enables me to weather the storms. – Aaliyah

People are gonna look up to me because I’m young, black, and female. – Aaliyah

There are times in my life when I just want to be by myself. – Aaliyah

You have to enjoy your job; you should wake up every day and love what you do… I honestly do… From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul. I’m truly happy. – Aaliyah

I’m a survivor and I can handle anything. I’m very confident about that. – Aaliyah

My parents just tell me, ‘If you know what you want, you should stay determined and go for it. You can do anything.’ – Aaliyah

Sensual is being in tune with your sensual self. – Aaliyah

There is always a bit of pressure to do a good album – to do good work, period. I really put a lot of pressure on myself, more so than other people. But I try not to let that overwhelm me to the point where I can’t even do good work. I just put it aside and do the best that I know that I can. – Aaliyah

I’m the interpreter. I’m the one who takes your words and brings them to life. I was trained to sing and dance and laugh, and that’s what I want to do. – Aaliyah

It’s Friday and I’m ready to swing. Pick up my girls and hit the party scene. – Aaliyah

Of course, the advantage is that, being in this business, you get to learn a lot, experience a lot of new things, and you can become real successful. The disadvantage is, of course the negative media. People may try to manipulate you and control you, and those are the things you have to avoid. But if you maintain strong family values and you believe in God, you can be successful. So, it’s been tough, but I’ve gotten through it because I stuck with my family and my deep belief in God. – Aaliyah

I don’t want to abandon one work for the other, and I don’t think I need to sacrifice anything to put my all into either one of them. – Aaliyah

There are certain things I want to keep to me. I don’t discuss my private life. – Aaliyah

There are times I can’t even figure myself out. – Aaliyah

Because I came out as a singer, I took the time to get an acting coach. – Aaliyah

If I don’t think about it, it won’t drive me crazy. – Aaliyah

She is tough, she is independent, she is edgy, she gets involved in the action, – Aaliyah

It hurt but you pick yourself up and move on like nothing happened’ – about not getting picked on Starsearch as a child. – Aaliyah

There are relationships where a guy already has a girlfriend and he’s got one on the side, too. – Aaliyah

I’m a survivor, and I can handle anything. I’m very confident about that. – Aaliyah

It’s been so long, and I’m lost without you, what am I gonna do? I been needin’ you, wantin’ you, wonderin’ if you’re the same and who’s been with you. Is your heart still mine? I wanna cry sometimes … I miss you. – Aaliyah

In this business, it is very hard to have anything for yourself, because you become a public figure. That comes with the territory. – Aaliyah

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