Accepting sadness to create happiness


The word total acceptance has been somehow preached because we are living in toatal rejection,whatever happens we somehow find something wrong it.

Now the first question ,why do you want to change yourself,Pawan? an inner answer came you are beautiful as you are ,why can’t you accept yourself as you are. Heard miracle happens when we accept ourselves,changes take place by itself….trust me it does. These changes cannot take place by effort because who will change us ….see it is the same mind trying to change itself,this is impossible it cannot – there maybe glimpse of change but what we were inside still will remain.

Then what is the way…the way simply is accept yourself as you are and it is the magic key.When we accept ourselves intelligence arises ,intelligence arises because now we are not divided,the split between me and who I should be disappears,this is that place where the secret of schizophrenia is situated,’I am this,I want to be this’.

Just a few check in us and believe me it is just very easy to accept self as we are. How I did it…first I found out what do I really feel sad ,bad,disappointed about and then I found out answers to them by asking myself– what can I do about this,how to and is there a solution or not. 

  • What makes me happy ,I made a list of it and tried to do all that really made me feel happy.
  • I then made a list of all my fears and I talked to myself if they are to happen they will ,all I need to do is try doing things and forget about the result….
  • I started asking to myself do I believe in me and this helped to prove it to myself that my thoughts are also right and thus all I need is to grab opportunities.
  • I now know that I am first and only person who is responsible for my happiness and if I am happy others around me will also be happy.
  • Life is simple ,forgetting past and living in present is best way ,why complicate life with past and future.
  • Why to remain stagnant ,if we are flexible as life is we can change ,convert ,accept and let go expectations.
  • We need to face reality,reality is the teacher ,we need to learn accept and move taking all together.
  • I needed to conserve my self power so I need to believe and know I am strong and I have strength.
  • Relationships teach patience,compassion,love,honesty,respect so I needed to accept them as they are,as they come and as they go.
  • I need to stop feeling guilty of what other’s think.
  • Seeing the mind games and then understanding it helps to be deattach.
  • Thinking less accepting is way to let go negative thoughts.
  • I am for myself , I need this body to walk the journey so I need to accept it with love.
  • There are many who are not happy let me make myself so strong that I can make others smile. One person every day and I will help good about myself.
  • Happy is one who understands himself.,so I need to accept myself to understand myself better.



23 thoughts on “Accepting sadness to create happiness”

  1. What a beautiful post – this really describes how you are in control of your own thoughts and happiness. I strive to be like this and it’s a challenging process. However, it is this process that gives us the most meaningful growth in life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jesus says, “Truth liberates.” And that is of tremendous importance. Yes, truth liberates, but not knowing about truth. Be the truth, and it liberates. Be the truth, and there is liberation. We need not bring it, we need not wait for it,it happens instantly….the moment we accept whatever comes we can there and there be with ourselves ….
      We need to be one with ourselves. And the second step, and the last, is be one with existence. The second is easy. The first has become difficult because of so much conditioning, so much education, and so many civilizing efforts. The first has become difficult. So we at any cost to find happiness have to accept sadness.

      Thank you so much for taking out time and reading the post .We all are blessed ,we all are one because we are from the whole,the One.Be blessed.

  2. Amazing post. Going through my journey of trying to be TRULY happy has been a fun and exciting one. Doing the work and just trusting the process is the best part. Finding out so many things about myself and how strong I really am. I really appreciate this post!!

  3. Another great post Pawan.

    Some really great advice here. I will keep it as a reference as I continue on my journey. I’m glad to see that I am starting on some of these things and seeing improvement already.

    • so very lovely and kind of you to say those words as it means lot for my inner growth….So very happy that you have started and seeing improvement,sending you love and smiles and pray the Source to bless you with lovely state of Bliss,the ultimate goal of human being….Be blessed.

    • Thank you for reading and writing back….it did take me months to understand that it is only me,myself who was creating misery in my life.,so the only way to be happy was accept what I get and let go to move further.Be blessed.

        • I do understand as I myself was there in such situation as you maybe right now….but …….Why do I suffer? Who is responsible for my happiness? (just answer to yourself in silence )

        • What do I want in life? Who is stopping my growth?………..your blog says uncovering ……therefore uncover your true self hidden by the self created by thoughts,education,people around…….be the best friend with your own self…….be the lover of your own self…… the student of your own self .
          Try and understand and try and move….I am here till Nature allows so will as a friend try and show you ways till I can.

    • I told you I was in the same shoes and I knew it…..they are not stopping us they are only trying to make us find our way to grow …thing is we are too attached to them and thus want to hear what we love and not able to accept what they want to say….the one whom we are very close and in love with are the ones who stop our growth not because they intend to but because we intend not to grow……

  4. It’s tricky at first but you’re right, of course. One of the main keys to happiness is living in the present. Not the past or the future. Every now and again, I have to remind myself of that! Nice list, words to try and live by 🙂


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