50+ Best Adam Sandler Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Adam Richard Sandler is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer, and musician. Famous Adam Sandler quotes will make you happy, and explode your motivation to bring the best out of you.

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Famous Adam Sandler Quotes

In one day, I have times where I’m feeling great, I feel like I love my life, and then 2:30 rolls around and I’m the angriest man alive. My wife sees it.

I had my moments of being humiliated, and then I had moments of doing something humiliating. I’m glad I lived out both roles.

I’m not making every decision due to my children. But I do hope they never see some movies I’m doing. But I do want to do more family-friendly movies.

I’ll continue to make the typical Adam Sandler comedies.

My father learned about life, but the thing that he taught my whole family was that family was the most important thing and, no matter what, if a family member needs you, you go and help them out; you get there.

I do feel good doing them (family-friendly movies), but it’s not going to be my way of life. I’m a comedian.

My buddies, we’ve always just tried to make each other laugh, … I mean, just like all friends hanging out — that’s the goal.

We just bought this house. It’s too big. It’s like 400,000 square feet or something. We got an indoor lake and ski slope in the house! It’s just too big.

I never had a speech from my father ‘this is what you must do or shouldn’t do’ but I just learned to be led by example. My father wasn’t perfect.

I think I’m playing grown up because I have kids now. But I don’t feel grown up yet.

Inspirational Adam Sandler Quotes

The only reason I got into stand-up was that my brother told me to. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was 17 and my brother went to a comedy club and he said – you can do that.

Sometimes you can’t prioritize family and you feel guilty.

Alright, remember, alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you.

I’m not comfortable being around too many people. I don’t like being out in public too much, I don’t like going to bars, I don’t like doing celebrity stuff. So most of the characters I play are people who don’t always feel comfortable beyond their small circle of friends.

When I’m around the kids I feel like I act the most grown-up just because you’re supposed to. And I say things, like every other day, that remind me of my own parents.

In high school, I wanted to be a rock star and was in a lot of bands.

When I was younger and did a stand-up gig, it would take me two weeks to recover. Sometimes I’d get so panicked that I would stutter.

I’m 31 now. I think I’m beginning to understand what life is, what romance is, and what a relationship means.

As a kid, I’d go into the bathroom when I was having a tantrum. I’d be in the bathroom crying, studying myself in the mirror. I was preparing for future roles.

I was a big fan of Kurt Russell growing up and I always wanted to be the modern-day Kurt Russell.

Well I have a microphone and you don’t so you will listen to every damn word I have to say!

I go to sleep thinking about my kids being spoiled and I wake up thinking about it.

When I take my kid to school, all the parents stop and stare.

God gave me some weird, beautiful scent that makes men and women go crazy. People compare it to Carvel. It is a whale of a smell.

When I do stand-up shows at colleges, girls will talk to me after the show, and that always feels good. I like talking to them.

I don’t know who I touch and who I don’t. I work hard trying to make people laugh, I try to do the kind of stuff that made me laugh growing up, I don’t have any secrets. I don’t know the reasons I’ve been so well received.

Funny Adam Sandler Quotes

I was raised by a mother who told me I was great every day of my life.

My grandmother used to embarrass me more when she would pick me up from school wearing a big fuzzy hat. I didn’t like that.

I sang a song at my sister’s wedding. My mother forced me into that, too. But that one felt all right.

Feels good to try, but playing a father, I’m getting a little older. I see now that I’m taking it more seriously and I do want that lifestyle.

I read to my kid, but I can’t stand reading.

I have love in my life. It makes me stronger than anything you can imagine.

I wanted to make sure that I did one movie in my career that mothers hug me for.

I definitely connected to the fact that life gets out of control and you end up doing things and wishing you were doing other things instead.

I think the reason I don’t read is because, when I’m reading, I feel like I’m missing out on something else. You know, What are my friends doing? Where’s my girlfriend?

With the amount of money I have, it’s difficult raising children the way I was raised.

Chemistry can be a good and bad thing. Chemistry is good when you make love with it. Chemistry is bad when you make crack with it.

I sing seriously to my mom on the phone. To put her to sleep, I have to sing ‘Maria’ from West Side Story. When I hear her snoring, I hang up.

Now that I’m a parent, I understand why my father was in a bad mood a lot.

I still get very scared when I step in front of a live audience.

I don’t think about that. I wasn’t a kid growing up saying one day I’ll get an Oscar and make a speech. That wasn’t on my mind. So what I do is the best work I can do.

I’ve always just had troubles with my family because I’m psychotic. It had nothing to do with that.

My kids don’t have a trust fund, they have a debt fund.

Doing Saturday Night Live definitely affects my relationship with my girlfriend and with my family, because you feel so much pressure to do well that night. But I think everyone’s grown to accept that and so they give me my space at the show.

My sisters are stronger and my brother’s bigger than me.

I grew up in a house that liked to be funny. Everybody liked to be funny. My family’s been…we’ve been enjoying each other’s comedy for years.

Kids end up seeing my movies anyway but some of the mothers get mad at me so I figured I’d make one that I can’t get yelled at for.

I’m not great at bedtime stories. Bedtime stories are supposed to put the kid to sleep. My kid gets riled up and then my wife has to come in and go, ‘All right! Get out of the room.’

My name is Adam Sandler. I’m not particularly talented. I’m not particularly good-looking. And yet I’m a multi-millionaire.

I do not want to go to jail…I’m fragile!

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