25+ Best All the Light We Cannot See Quotes: Exclusive Selection

All the Light We Cannot See is a war novel written by American author Anthony Doerr, published by Scribner on May 6, 2014. It won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the 2015 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction. Profoundly inspirational All the Light We Cannot See quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous All the Light We Cannot See Quotes

Why not … just take the diamond and throw it into the sea? — Marie-Laure LeBlanc

The brain is locked in total darkness, of course, children, says the voice. It floats in a clear liquid inside the skull, never in the light. And yet the world it constructs in the mind is full of light. It brims with color and movement. So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light? — Werner and Jutta

Frederick said we don’t have choices, don’t own our lives, but in the end it was Werner who pretended there were no choices, Werner who watched Frederick dump the pail of water at his feet—I will not—Werner who stood by as the consequences came raining down. Werner who watched Volkheimer wade into house after house, the same ravening nightmare recurring over and over and over. — Werner

Your problem, Werner … is that you still believe you own your life. — Frederick

Werner was back in Zollverein, standing above a grave a miner had dug for two mules at the edge of a field, and it was winter and Werner was no older than five, and the skin of the mules had grown nearly translucent, so that their bones were hazily visible inside, and little clods of dirt were stuck to their open eyes, and he was hungry enough to wonder if there was anything left on them worth eating.He heard the blade of a shovel strike pebbles. He heard his sister inhale. — Werner

I will never leave you, not in a million years. — Daniel LeBlanc

A scientist’s work … is determined by two things. His interests and the interests of his time. — Dr. Hauptmann

A corner of the night sky, beyond a wall of trees, blooms red. In the lurid, flickering light, he sees that the airplane was not alone, that the sky teems with them, a dozen swooping back and forth, racing in all directions, and in a moment of disorientation, he feels that he’s looking not up but down, as though a spotlight has been shined into a wedge of bloodshot water, and the sky has become the sea, and the airplanes are hungry fish, harrying their prey in the dark. — Daniel LeBlanc

Open your eyes … and see what you can with them before they close forever. — The Professor

They’ll say … that you’re from nowhere, that you shouldn’t dream big. But I believe in you. — Frau Elena

The keeper of the stone would live forever, but … misfortunes would fall on all those he loved. — The Warder

To shut your eyes is to guess nothing of blindness. Beneath your world of skies and faces and buildings exists a rawer and older world, a place where surface planes disintegrate and sounds ribbon in shoals through the air. — Marie-Laure

Every hour … someone for whom the war was memory falls out of the world. — Marie-Laure LeBlanc

March the dead in a single-file line, and for eleven days … they’d walk past our door. — Etienne LeBlanc

Don’t tell lies. Lie to yourself, Werner, but don’t lie to me. — Jutta

We live in exceptional times. — Dr. Hauptmann

She crouches over her knees. She is the Whelk. Armored. Impervious. — Marie-Laure

When Werner overhears Frederick’s mother say to a woman, Oh, the Schwartzenberger crone will be gone by year’s end, then we’ll have the top floor, du wirst schon sehen, he glances at Frederick, whose smudged eyeglasses have gone opaque in the candlelight, whose makeup looks strange and lewd now, as though it has intensified the bruises rather than concealed them, and a feeling of great uneasiness overtakes him. — Werner

Twist the chimney ninety degrees, slide off the roof panels one two three. A fourth door, and a fifth, on and on until you reach a thirteenth, a little locked door no bigger than a shoe. So, asked the children, how do you know it’s really there? You have to believe the story. She turns the little house over. A pear-shaped stone drops into her palm. — Marie-Laure

Her Majesty, the Austrians call their cannon, and for the past week these men have tended to it the way worker bees might tend to a queen. They’ve fed her oils, repainted her barrel, lubricated her wheels; they’ve arranged sandbags at her feet like offerings. — Werner

Nearly every species that has ever lived has gone extinct, Laurette. No reason to think we humans will be any different! — Dr. Geffard

The violins spiral down, then back up. Etienne takes Marie-Laure’s hand and together, beneath the low, sloping roof—the record spinning, the transmitter sending it over the ramparts, right through the bodies of the Germans and out to sea—they dance. — Etienne

Walk the paths of logic. Every outcome has its cause … every predicament has its solution. — Daniel LeBlanc

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