Am I In Love? Proven Signs You’re in Love

Sometimes, you feel good around a person. You want to think about him/her. Is that indication of love or just infatuation? Is that person the special one or just a common one? Confusion makes this situation interesting. But there is a difference between love and a crush. You might like someone but choosing someone as a life partner is a question that needs sifting. Here, we have shared some questions that you might ask yourself to know; are you really in love?

Feelings are complicated but researchers have found that an in-love brain looks very different. How do you know it’s more than just a crush? Of course, there’s no set checklist you can use, but there are some questions you can ask yourself and important signs to help reveal your true feelings.

But more importantly, is true love real?

Are You In Love?

What is your condition around that person?

Love is an emotion that bundles up anxiety in front of your beloved one.

If you are feeling nervous then it might be possible that you have been emotionally involved with him or her.

Don’t confuse it with the fear of someone. You could feel the same level of anxiety in front of your teacher. It doesn’t mean that you are in love with your teacher. But you could be who knows.

The real thing is to know the essence of your anxious feeling. But if you are feeling cool and calm, then he could be your goodie, not a beloved one.

In the start, love creates sweet anxiety in your body which indicates the game of emotions going on in your brain.

Is time fly in their company?

When you are around your beloved one, you get out from constraints of space and time.

One might argue that you could spend hours with your friends. But in the company of your friends, you don’t feel the gust of love.

Love magnifies the importance of a common person. In love, you would like to see your sweetheart for hours.

Every act of your loved one would be angelic. You would forget the differentiation between you and your sweetheart. This is the specialty of love.

How much importance do you give to them?

If you like more than one person simultaneously, then it is an indication that your love has not been evolved yet.

In real love, you only focus on your beloved. That becomes a special thing for you. If you find someone interesting every second day, it can be infatuation, not love.

The mystery of love lies in its extra-ordinary concentration on a single person.

How often do you think about them?

There is a famous saying that; I have been died out of myself and I live only for you. This is the scorching heat of love.

Your whole universe revolves around a single person. When you think about a person more often than usual, there are two possibilities of it.

Either you are in love or that person is your boss who demands flawless work. In either way, the situation could be understood easily.

How often do you relate to them?

People want to share the minutest details of their lives with their lovers. If you love someone, you would relate every aspect of your personality and work-life with them.

You think that how funny it would be if I share and discuss it with my candy.

If from the dining table to the submission of a mid-night assignment, your crush remains with you in your thoughts, you are in love with that special person. Period!

What would you say if your crush proposes to you?

Upon listening to this, if you feel yourself the happiest person in the world, then you are fortunate enough to get your soulmate.

For lovers, just to run this thought experiment is enough to kill themselves. To think in this way would help you to better understand your situation.

If you would react normally, then it’s not love. It can be anything but not love.

Do you share your feelings with your friends?

When you are in true love, you share the traits of that person with your closest buddies.

You take suggestions from them. It shows that you love to discuss that person with your friends.

You want to tell them that how important is your beloved to you.

Even sometimes, your friends think that you have lost your nerves. This is the magic of love. It disrupts your status-quo.

What’s the specialty of them?

If you are feeling difficulty to describe a person in words, there are two possibilities of it. Either, it’s your beloved one or it’s a stranger for you.

When it comes to articulate words in appreciation of your beloved, you feel blank-minded. You are only able to say that every act of them is special for me.

Although, it is a risky statement but love car runs without brakes.

How often have you been hanging out?

People love to hang out with like-minded people. If you hang out with them all the time, it is a sign of love between both of you.

Love might be one-ended. But it is the quality of love that when you love someone and spend a lot of time together, that person also starts loving you.

How would you feel in their absence?

When you are in love with someone, you feel boredom in their absence. You start wondering what wrong has been happened to me that I don’t enjoy my normal life. I am not feeling high among my friends. I am not focusing on study.

This is the sign of love. You feel incomplete without them. You have all the amenities in your life but the absence of that person spoils your day.

If you don’t miss their company much, if that person is replaceable with some other funny guy, then you need to spend more time on the train of love to reach its destination.

Are you ready to live your remaining life with them?

You may have a crush on plenty of people around you. You may love to spend some time with them. You may feel bored in their company. These signs show the normal human relationship.

When it comes to love, you are always ready to spend your remaining life in your sweetheart’s arms.

Of course, you ask how do you know if someone is your soulmate.

Have you ever encountered old couples? If you will ask them about their time spent together, they will tell you that our fifty years have been passed as if they are fifty days.

This is the beauty of love that you want to spend your whole life with that person.

Do you have the guts to say that I am really in love with you?

The question of when to say “I love you” in a relationship is a contentious one. When you are in true love, you automatically gain the courage to say I love you.

In love, you feel so encouraged that you are ready to surpass every difficulty. Most people never conjure up the courage to express their love. They remain it in their heart. That is not the sign of true love.

True love oozes out of every pour of your body. The necessity of expression dominates the fear of rejection. After ready this article, if you feel encouraged to express your love, go for it.

To express your feelings, you can send cute love text. Or, you can use sweet good morning text to put a smile on their face.

Are you overlooking your beloved negative traits?

When you are truly in love, you focus on the positive qualities of your beloved while ignoring the negative traits. Love creates an illusion of positive biasness.

If this is happening with you, love has entrenched your mind. Congratulations!

Do you feel jealousy?

This is the sign of true love that you feel a bit possessive about your beloved one. When you see them in the company of other people, it is obvious that you feel jealousy. 

The brain scans of people deeply in love show high activation in brain areas related to the reward system. So to spend time in the company of a beloved one is like an addiction.

It’s not all about physical attraction

True love is not all about physical attraction. True love has transcendental elements in itself. Its domain is beyond the terrain of lust.

Lust is concerned with infatuation but love is spiritual in nature. It is the mechanization of nature to invest yourself in that person. You make plans with your special one.

In short, love has all the ingredients of a perfect relationship.

Are you committed?

In true love, you remain committed through thick and thin. The ups and downs of life are unable to break your bond.

Commitment is the key when it comes to love. After a little bit of disagreement, if you feel annoyed then it’s not true love.

True love accepts another one with all of the disagreements.

Final Note

If you have all these signs that are asked above, then you have entered the kingdom of love.

These questions could help you to pinpoint; am I really in love?

If these signs are missing, then it might be infatuation. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand your emotions in a better way. Stay happy!

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