Ámate a tí mismo

Piles of articles, blogs, treasures of movies, epic stories and what not! Many things out there to intimate the meaning of true love and marriage! In reality, there is no defined strategy for a happy married life or “happy life”:) People are asked mostly that “whom you love the most?”; to answer to that they tend to say “spouse, parents, kids” or anyone who means a lot to them. I wonder why they do not say “myself”. It’s not something being selfish but it is self-love. Yes, Love yourself ‘coz you’re worth! It is the first step to spread love and happiness.

I have seen many people, especially women who try to achieve and make it all. They work so hard to balance life, work, relationships, kids and so on but sometimes fail. When failed, they start feeling stressed, inferior, dejected and try to make things smoother which ultimately hampers her health in all means. She doesn’t feel contented when she is not able to spend time with family, or cook for her husband, or could not focus on work or all of these things together. It happens, all days are not same dear and avoid overthinking about such matters. Relax and prioritize the things and work accordingly without being overloaded.

Never think or speak bad or negative for yourself. What you speak, you attract. What you think, you become. Problems and sadness are part of our life and its normal. Believe me “most of the things depend on our perception”. How we take the problems and how we react to certain situations! If you think you are not a happy bird, you will keep counting on your problems every day!

There is no rule or rocket science anywhere in the world that by being sad (for long term?) or by crying over your problems and despairs you will be able to find solutions of all your problems. Then why we always run after finding solutions which are not practical, not implacable at all! On the name of love, I even heard and read cases in the newspaper about suicide or acid attacks and I feel disappointed for such people who really do not understand what love is! Love is never about revenge.

Sometimes we just give so much of love to someone, many a time to those who may not deserve even. At the end when it messes up (breakups) we feel like a fool. Being an emotional fool is just a way to make yourself feel downcast and inferior, leading to lower the level of your confidence!

Its good to love others and you should but prior to that, its must to love yourself (Ámate a tí mismo)!

Grant yourself to cherish the life to the fullest with your own ethics or rules. Do what you really want to do. Gift yourself with lots of love. Be good, do good and the joyous world is waiting for you…

Say “No” when and wherever required. Make tough calls when needed. Don’t be so harsh & hard to yourself. Running behind everything will give you nothing, just take the problems lightly. You are not born to please everyone. If you are failed in relationships, thats not just the end for sure. How can someone end up with life if one loves oneself first?

Just remember that loving yourself is adding to happiness of ourselves and hence others, boosting up our own confidence. Remember, making others happy and helping others is the easiest way to make our own self happy.

So come…lets spread the love…