An Honest Fellow.

An honest fellow is like a healthy – tasty dish, so refreshing that you keep wanting more.

The word “honesty” is far fetched in today’s world and its value is looked upon as foolishness. But is good to know that there are few left in this world that still value the essence of being truthful no matter what.

Two days back I accompanied a friend to the trade fair market here in Lagos state Nigeria, being our first time in such a huge market we were careful not to get carried away with the beautiful things in the market and of course how affordable they were. So we held strongly to the list of things that brought us the market.

Entering the first shop we liked, we met a kind lady who even when we didn’t buy anything from her shop directed us to another lady, who not only had what we want but was very honest and humble. Our conversation with her was so refreshing, and she was so relaxed to put out all the cards on the table, leaving us with wonderful options to choose from. But being human we decided to check around to be sure we were not cheated.

Arriving to the next shop, we met a huge man, doesn’t talk much and straight to the price without that “care” of whether you buy it from him or not. As a matter of fact, he first price was his last price – no negotiation. Immediately I and my friend exchanged looks and left the shop, and heading back to the woman that not only welcomed us well but her supplies were also affordable.

After we bought what we needed from her shop and heading out to get other things, we heard a man describing that same woman’s shop to another person, with the words “she is an honest fellow”.

It is so remarkable to be known with such a beautiful quality, one that no amount of money can buy.

On our way back home, I kept asking myself; Jude, are you an honest fellow? And do people see you as one.

The truth is that being honest is not a pretentious thing, is something that come from the soul, is personal just as salvation is personal.

The woman’s shop isn’t as big as the man’s shop but she sells off her things in no time and she is comfortable in her own skin.

I want to be known with that quality, hopefully I believe am on that path. Is such a beautiful thing for people to trust my judgement knowing is not a selfish one and has no sentimentality.

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