An impromptu lesson

I went to school on an early tuesday morning. The clock was showing half past seven, the lecture starts right after an hour and I have 45 minutes to get to school. it was a challenge, having a lecture at 8:30 a.m. for a university student is always a herculean task to do. I was at school on time and I got 5 minutes to buy a cup of coffee and rush into class. continueing having my coffee while listening to a middle aged professor talking to me about reinforeced concrete. I was never excited about this lecture, because for the last four years in my life, every first lecture I entered have ended up in disappointment rather than meeting up with my expectations. this time I learned my lesson and didn’t expect anything from the professor.

After 3 gigantic hours of boredom, I looked at the time and I realised I have one more hour to go untill freedom comes. I looked at the projector, there was some stuff about foundations and the professor was talking about their importance. suddenly he uttered this setence “No matter how great your infrestucte, and how beautifully designed your structure is, if you don’t have a good foundation, you have nothing” she added “in life too” and she winked at us.

After that mind opening sentence, I lost my attention about was going on in the lecture (as always 😉 ) and started thinking about it. and my teacher was right. in engineering, the foundation is the most important part for the structure to stand. And in life, a human being without a foundation, is a human being on the verge of collapse. he will face a lot of trouble and hardship. when you draw, build or start doing something new, you start with small steps and then continue to sketch marvelous portrait and an ravishing outcome, that’s what life is. it may sound cliche but, being patient and non stop movement will, for sure, gurantee you success and prosperty. but remember:

1- build foundation  2- nonstop progress  3- patience

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4 thoughts on “An impromptu lesson

  1. I have progress and patience, but the foundation is constantly needing to be reinforced. I think it’s because the original material used didn’t give me the stability I needed 🙂

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