… and the night quiets now

it is in a word,

a phrase, expressed in silence

when suddenly out loud,

speaks to reality,

speaks enough for one to hear, to listen,

to wait for that moment,

a suggestion of clarity,

caught in a night sky,

when only alone one might listen

to the gentle breeze,

a calm reminder of a life outside our own.


we are in a sound

indicated our next move,

a suitable appeal

to what once was is now,

what will be …

Que Sera Sera,

and then the tears did soon well,

water a purity

a peace amongst the thieves,

whose heart lost long ago,

is never understood

by the commoner

choose to live beyond our means,

no material salutation

only the gift of



oh to know the magic inherent

when two people might

offer solace

can negotiate through the chaos

of life

of life in happening,

of a life that hasn’t yet been defined.


but we know it will be,


we know it is the truth

that allows our happiness

to stay in play

for it is

meaningful to let one another know …

I only wish you to be … lovely,


as might be the quiet we do surround our heart.

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